gud bye 2009, hello 2010...

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hah.. we already reach at the end of the year.. today is the last day of 2009. and tomorrow, will be a brand new year 2010. many things happen in 2009. so many memories.. luv it so much.

just now, i'm watching SAW 4, and what i can conclude after watched 4 seasons of this movies is, human will always try to break the rules although the rules are very simple and they will do what ever it takes to survive or to help others. hence, they will be under depression and the worst, they will do what had been told to do, without thinking. then, make a wrong decision before realize the consequences.

i like this kind of movies, although it was horror to watch, where people breaking their hands and legs, smashed their head, blown up their body, twisted arms, legs and other 'amazing' things that human body can do.. haha.. and this is all because of jigsaw's games.

somewhere somehow, i've been thinking about the purpose of the game. jigsaw do seem cruel to design this kind of games, but if we think again, he actually want to test human reaction on some situations and look how they deal with it. whether they willing take some risk to survive from the game.but, many has failed the test because they failed to follow the rules and some made a wrong decision...

i din blame jigsaw in this movies, he maybe have some problems. but, the players that he had chosen, obviously have much problem in life.

in his games, players were given 2 choices, live of die. it was the player itself who choose what the best option for themselves. no one has force them, it just the condition of the games who has made them to choose the choices that actually not a choice at all.

from this movies, i tried to relate it with reality life. at this time. in my world.. is my last year worth it? do i valued the life i'm having last year?. i hope i did. but if not, i better do it for the sack of my future.

hurmm.. btw, happy new year...!!!! and may this year bring all of us the better life..=)



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huhu... sumthing spoil my mo0d today.

hurmm.... wat am i gonna do right now..?

suddenly, i realize that i am not a good secretary... (after accidentally looked at the huge file on the bed.) however... i already hold this position almost 4 times.. wat a coincidence...

i'm still waiting for sumthing.. i really hope it will come.. but if it doesn't happen, i know what should i do.

i had a little ouch for last few days.. but, nothing much. it's just my brain playing games with the other organs.. huhu... sumtimes, when the brain lose, u will feel the pain..

tomorrow is my first class for this new semester. hope this semester will bring some happiness to me and others too..

need to sleep now, it's already 1:08 in the morning.. gud nite.


sooo CuTe..!!!

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OMG..!!!!!! they are so adorable....!!! i'm speechless when i saw these pictures...... they are so cute..! no doubt.

muat2 je dlm 2..!!

ngntuk sngt dh ni... hee...




x skit ke?

isn't they cute..???
hahahah.......... i love cats sooo much!!


my present..

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happy birthday 2 me..!!!!!!!!!!!

wow... fyi, i got the most amazing present today.. the bleeding nose......

ya Allah... i have camp to attend, don make my life miserable.. and this time, it bleed a lot more than it use 2. i used a towel instead of tissues.. woh.. my towel was full with blood and mucus.. eewwwww........

waaaaaaaaah........... what a great present i got this year...

pray for me, hope i can survive this camp without any injuries or anything else..

gtg now. miss u, and c u soon........



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Saying 'I Love You'............ .in a special way.
A guy wanted to

express his unfathomable love to his sweetheart. So,

what did he do........?
He gave chocolates to all the girls living in the
University student apartments and asked them to turn

their lights on or off at 8pm that night.
See the pic for the rest........ .....
Truly Breath taking ! You don't need to guess his

sweetheart's reaction.
Hundreds of students came over later to witness this

great piece of Art driven by the Greatest Emotion

known to Man - 'Love'.

this girl was very lucky!


husband of the year...

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heee... while i'm surfing.. i found sumthing funny. it just for amusement in the evening.. enjoy it.


Starting off the competition of the
Husband of the year awards
The honorable mention for:

...followed closely by The United States of America

and then ................. Poland

but 3rd Place must go to

it was very very close but the runner up prize
was awarded to..................

But the winner of the

husband-n-wife of the year
......is .........
' Scotland '
Ya gotta love
the Scottish.

The Scottish are true romantics..look, he's even holding her hand.

Woman has Man in it;
Mrs. has Mr . in it;
Female has Male in it;
She has He in it;
Madam has Adam in it;

Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...
I never looked at it this way before:

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?

MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown

AND ..
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

heeee.......... Have a good laugh and a great day!



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i had a great time today...:))

nothing much happen, i'm just feeling good.

i don think i will have a great time just like this one when in the future.

laughing non stop, listen to many crappy things.. hee..

one thing i learnt today:

- u will know the true color of sumone if only u live with them.



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somewhere somehow my mind started to think again. many things come into my brain right now. things i have done, things i got from others, things i wanna do before i can't do, things that i had regret before, things that i want to happen in my life and some complicated things.

soon, i will turn 21. at this point, my head do think about myself. i realize that i want to be me. but, i still can't find myself. who am i.. sometimes, i think i am like this, then on the second taught, i think i am not like that. i keep on pretending to be myself. i tried to be normal, but, i am not normal.. there is something inside me that still hiding somewhere2. i can't discover who i am. i don't have any ideas about myself. aarrgghh... this is complicated than i taught it is.. my head started to digest some new info, new feelings and new attitude of mine. huu.. i do care less about it. but,, sometimes it do bugging me out. i hate it.

everyone want to make their blog private. should i do it to? but, i don think so. we'll see..



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cuti ak dh nk abis tuk sem ni..

byk bnd ak x smpt nk wat. mcm2.. mst ad yg blocking. dh la cuti ak d pendekkn, sume bnd ak nk wat sume xleh. klau ak wat pun, mst x bes.

tensen2... dok umah pun tensen. tp, bla abg ak ad, ak hepi lak. tak la slalu.. suasana jd ceria. hahah..
abg ak kt umah pn kjp je. meh, ak cite ckit, pe jd ak cuti ni..

lpas ak blek umah, ak jd driver adek ak. xla slalu. kdg2 je.. pas2 jumpe kwn2 ak. xde bnde len ak wat.. dok umah. tgok hbo... ermm...

pas2, ad satu minggu ni, ak ngn abg ak jd pengapit. haha.. lucu. ak xtau pun ak jd pengapit time 2. mlm before 2, kazen ak kol, ckp ak jd pngpit. hah! terkejut beruk ak, nsib x jd trus.. abg ak dh penah jd,, so, die x ksh sngt. pd ari kejadian, ak ngn abg ak jd gle... sbb byk bnde yg x wat lgi. ingtkn jd pengpti senang je. b'diri sblh pngtin, kipas2.. rupenye x...

ari2, ak ngn abg ak g cri riben tuk kete, hias kete, ambik kek, ambk pngtin kt studio. rushing2 je sume.. abs bsah bju ak ngn abg ak. nsib kaler itam, xnmpk sngt.. haha... tp, muke memg merah.. pns lgi, b'peloh2 g iringkn pengntin.. memg bengong... siap lap2 muke lagi.. org dh ambk video dh.. memg masuk la sume 2... hahaha.. ak memg bkn pengpit bertauliah.. dh naik ats pelamin, adusss... ak jd blurr2.. abg ak siap bg signal lg.. huah3... lucu sngt. lps pent2 jd pengapit yg x seberape 2, ak blek ngn adek ak.. owh, adek ak jd flower girl, ngn kazen2 kecik yg len. hee...

ak jd nanny kejap, time 2 parents ak xde kt umah. g KL. ak la yg wat bekfes, lunch, dinner. haha.. xpe, die ske sume mknn ak wat. pengalaman xleh lpe, driving kete senget sblh. tyr sblh knn dpn dh hancus dh.. haha.. sampai2 je umah nenek ak, berasap je tayar 2. huah3.. adek ak gelak2 je tgok.. pas2 ak g tuka tayar.. sume org tgok.. malu nyerrr... sampai luke2 jari ak tuka tayar 2. tp, xpe, ak dh pandai tuka tayar skrg.. ngah3..

then, adek ak ckp, blek je la umah... xyah g mne2 dh.. tp, lpas je kete msok umah, adek ak ckp, jom pizza kakak.. haaaa.............. ak pun bising kjp. tp kami g gak bli pizza for dinner.. sedap.. tp, yg x bes nye, pizza ak bkn yg ak oder.. len lak topping die. ak x ksh, bedal je la.. lepas 2 bru ak bising psal pizza 2.. hahah.. ngek.

pe lgi yg jd eyh.. haa.. ak men dance floor ngn membe ak. gler sonok.. haha.. siap wat video lgi. tp, ak x sempat nk men ngn membe ak org lgi.. fina. dh plan, tp, asek2 xjd.. huhu.. ak x jumpe die cuti ni.. jumpe sem dpn la nmpk nye.

haa.. satu lgi. ak ngn famly ak ad dinner kt continental hotel. dinner ofis mak ak. sonok sngt.. famly ak dpt byk adiah... ak menang game. 1st prize.. haha.. sonok game 2, senang.. tp, memerlukn fokus yg tinggi. hihi... adek ak pun dpt adiah. mknn die bleh thn gak. ak ske mee hoon 2.. sedap sngt.

pe lgi eyh.. x byk kot. pas2 ak ngn famly ak g miri.. yg ni, ak cite lam post len lak. ak nk tdo dh ni. ngntok... ok la.. buhbye..



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result dh kua..

not as i predicted.. but, it still ok.. i need 2 work even harder next sem..

n i hope i will do it and make some changes in my pointer.......... please........... u need 2 do this. no matter what.

by hook or by crook.. set ur goal up high!!


2 of us.

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it's been almost 2 weeks i'm at home. emm.. quite fun. a little bit boring... bcoz, i need to tidy up the house every day.. i hate this job. for exact reason.. huh. but.. what can i say, it's my home.. not nobody else.

many things had happen in these few days. going out with my frens, jln2.. went to pc fair with my bro, bought new cooler, but not that good. same as the headset. too big 4 me.. huhu.. going out with my dad is the best, i donno, just the best. haha...

there are sad moment.. i lost my cat last week... donno why, it don wanna eat, and look sick. i can't focus on my cat that week, i had a lot of guest for three days, if i'm not mistaken. it was tiring........ i think, my cat ate the poison grass at neighbors. huhu.. it was healthy before this.. all of sudden, it dead..

i'm watching 'finding nemo' rite now. it was very good movie. funny.. i just love dory. she was hilarious.. hahah.. i wish i have some adventure like them.

my bro just got new car.. white viva. he mms me yesterday.. huh. nowadays, it was so easy to buy a car.. huhu.. no down payment or anything else, like the old days..

what i have done for this holiday..? entah la..

things that i need to do before going back to upm.

- meet all my frens.. the closed one la..
there are certain people i haven't meet yet. (especially her. haha.. )
- finish my reventh report. haha.
- buy a sport shoes..
- hanging around with my beloved sis.
- pick up my laptop.
- treat my hands.. samting happen to it.
- increase my stamina. (for the next camp. huh)
- buy new watch.
- nothing else i guess.. just wait and see..

i need to go now. c ya in the next post.


sweet memories...:))

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wah... today is the 4th day i'm at home. waaaarrrrrrrrrggghhhhhh........ i am black..!!! arrghh... how am i gonna deal with this!. for the first time, i really think about my face. ish..

although i'd done my exam on 5th nov, i still have kpp3 on 15th - 20th nov. the camp was awesome...... emm... when at melaka la. kem lambaian danau jasin. all the activities based on water... it means, wet. hehe... i loikee.. lumpur2... it was amazing.

some activities that we did there were, water confidence, night walk, obstacle run, kayak, rafting, war game. and other minor activities.. this camp was really into me. it was surely will not come out of my mind. it will stick forever and ever on my head. and i'll list this as one of my best memories in life. wah..

the most best amazing camp i ever had.. luv it so much! i can't tell how was my feeling right now. mixed up. make some new frens, learn about others, respect, and other things. so much i had learned from that camp. i wish i will have some other camp more or less like it again.

this sem was very much interesting time. so many things happen..:) happy, sad, annoy, blurr, betrayed, loyal, trustworthy, others true color, and many many things more... and i will make sure all these memories are not fade.

emm.. lately, i malas nak naip crita. adik i ad ctok, xda msa mok naip blog. nya ska ngaco. tyme tdo jak dpt naip post tok. haha.... nek tok nya ngah SPM, wish her gud of luck. i know she can do it. she much genius than me.. cop2.. i take it back. i am still genius, she just.. amm... adlh.. haha...

plek juak ayat i tyme tok.. i dikpun x phm pa i tulis.. ngantok kali.. i wanna go sleep la lok.. sleep safely. sweet dream for all of u....^^,



at hoome..

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huh.. one day at home... really relaxing.. i'll write something later.. my back still hurt.. ssh mok taip ctok.. x than..

happy holiday to me.... and my friends out there.. buhbye.. c ya..:))



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on this date, nice number we got there..

i had the most extreme and awesome day, and most important is, it was really worth it. wohoo....... so much to story. it was very2 exciting and amazing vacation ever since i studied here. and first trip we are all together. five of us. happy..!!

it started with a few plans. first, we take off (hak3.. xtauk word len) at 8 am. go to PKU and straight to PD. second, we go to KL first, 'shopping' or jln2, den, at noon, we go to PD. third, and last minute plan, we go to PD early in the morning. i mean, really early.. 3 am. ish.. but, some alternation had been made, we took off after subuh, straight to PD. but, before that, we made some preparation such as breakfast (sandwich tuna, thanks to fiza), air gedegang, air osmosis (haha..murah ckit), car (thanks to fina, our driver that day), and thanks to aniyah and salwa for helping in everything that morning.

we took off from college at almost 6.38 am. still dark out there. and we arrived at PD at almost 7.45 am. first thing first, we walked along the beach... breathe in the gentle and fresh breeze... then, after few minutes, we ride a banana boat. it was okay... sbb x laju pun.. maybe berat glak.. hak3.. bcoz there other people joined us. and they are not sporting... (xpa, cdak xtauk..anok jak.. hak3..). until, that abg flip the boat, at that time, best! suma masok air.. hahahah..

ni banana boat

after that, we played in the water. fina opened a swimming class, fiza was her student, salwa is trying to swim with her new technique. aniyah and i.. disturbing them. haha.. all of us had a great time. we played 'sapa tahan nafas paling lamak'. new game, 'say others name in the water' haha... blob...blub.., the funny game, 'babi of the day' hahaha.. soo hilarious. and the winner is....

haha.. tired. then, we had our branch. sandwiches, chips, teddy, biscuits, and sumthing else. din remember. we had a great time. took some pics. story mory. hahhaa..

then we continued our activities. build a sandcastle. we are so excited. ' ya..ya.. i know u r so excited about the project...' hahahha..... can't forget this phase.. we are engineers wanna be.. so happy while build the sandcastle. teamwork doe... hebat! co0l gurls.

ni castle tgh2.. yg sndri punye ad kt tepi2..

after the sandcastle is done, we went back to the beach. had a awesome time... until, 1 thing, 1 incredible thing happen. we had been asked for another ride. but this time, instead of banana boat, we got sting ray a.k.a donut. hahah.. string ray is better for me. this thing was remarkable. OMG..!! so co0l!!!!!!!!!!!!! even more than roller coaster. for me. and yet, we had to hold on with our own strength. no seat belt... (at the sea, neyda.. mok lemas ka). after the ride, many things happen. 2 of us become unstable. 1 had a very hurt arm, 1 still normal but look different.. numb i think. and the other one, still standing and excited. haha.. but, we still had a great time.. emm... maybe we had different point of view here. hahah.. depends on their condition..

ni pas men sting ray. otw g 'pulau kecik'

our last activity is take pictures. we went to the 'pulau kecik', and what else, ambik gambr la...

cut the story off, we went back at almost 4.30 p.m and arrived at college on 6.40 p.m i guess. we stop for lunch first, before headed to college.

woohh... no one will know what was five of us had felt. there is no words, not even one that can describe this trip. our trip to PD.

ok gurls... next sem, other place.. hope this will keep us bonding even better.. so glad knowing all of u. (^_^)



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owh.. i totally forgot to story about something happy happen this last few days... byk glak drama.. x ingt alu cita best.. ish3.. cut the story short, after wwe paper, we had a little party rite.. yeah... its awesome.

there was sumthing amazing happen before highway paper....... me n my fren, u know who, did some awesome recording.. its fun. we managed to record almost 7 songs. hak3... leh wat album... keh3..

but, its not just that, on our last song, there was sumone knocked my door.. hahaha... cuak2.. we already imagine that our neighbours comes to scold us or maybe somone piss off at us because we were loud that nite. hahaha.. but, turns out, it was my fren's roomie.. come to seek her roomie.. hahaha... funny.. those vidoes can't make me stop laughing.. if i am in the bad shape or feeling down, i'll watch these vidoes and it will bring back my smile..

for this time, this memories is the only best thing happen in my exam weeks.others.. naaa... stressful...

but, there is one thing i like on that day. in the evening, i went to mines with sum frens.. n is weird... but, let it be. i am totally satisfied with myself on that day, i got 80+ points for bowling.. which i never had. i sang the song that i din know.. totally suicide. but. people luv it. i played dance floor, got A, but usually S, huhu.. nevermind. i still got the bonus stage. hakhak... im really happy that nite. but, only for myself. haha.. i donno how do other people feel.. i don think i wan to know either..

the important thing is im happy and others have there own things to do. no conflict. i guess..


i want u back.

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my life become upside down without u..

i really need u in my life. helping me going through all the challenges in this cruel life. talking to u make me feels good and appreciated. missed the old times...

please, don leave me here, alone.. i really need u, especially now. lately, i always moo0dy with others. i am sorry.. i din mean 2.. i am always felt that i am useless.. nobody needs me. but, if sumting happen, everybody is looking for me.. but only as the last solution..... what do u think i am?? ur slave? its ouch babe, when u r been ignored. and then, never been thanked.. wooow.. its not that i want sumthing back, it's just manner,ok.. and din u know anything about sivic concious? huh!

after typing this post, i feel that i am better alone. if there is sumone closed to me, sumthing might be happen. and i already felt the pain of losing sumone. n, i don wan it to feel it again. i hope so. life is unpredictable.

so, now... i think, i don need u anymore...... life must go on.. whether with or without u.. but, i still hope u will come back.. although i know u can't....... i just need to except this fact.. u will not coming back... i can't replaced u with others. u r to special to me.. u have a piece of my heart.. and it always be yours. i'll always be missing u..princess adeng..


at last!!

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ello... hi..
the title above has nothing to do with the content of this post.

so many things happen in this sem.. but all are done. totally done. test, finals, assignments, projects, presentations, most important, lab reports.. hahaha... it feels free....... i love it so much! but.. sumwhere sumhow, i donno wat to do now.. i've just finish laundry my cloths. emm... i wan 2 watch movie, but i don have the new one.. boring la tgok cita dh tgok..

emm... i'm feelin empty.. hungry........... i donno, i felt that i did sumthing wrong.. did i? i thought i did.. how stupid i am... arrghh... i am stupid! biatch.. i hate myself rite now... damn... i don have mo0d to story anything.. im feeling lost.

i'll be back home on 21st november and come back here on 23rd december... i only have 1 month for holidays with my family and friends at kuching.. don like it. this is all because of camp before and after holiday..... shit! why do i need to go both!!! not fair!!!!!! always me.

i don think it can be as normal as usual.. it will be awkward. i know it. i started it.. but i donno how to end it nicely. 'it will be hurt when u lost sumone that u really love' (pnjm ayat membe jap.. hee).

huk3... its holiday time, but i ain't happy..... what's wrong with me??? dont u like holidays?? i luv holiday very much.. but there is sumthing holding my back, it do not wan the happiness... aisehmen...

last nite, i had a weird dream.. about monsters... stuck in the lift, i climb the high cliff juz to go to school.. my brother use flying broom.. he renovate it become more cool and awesome. many more.. wierd stuff and a bit scared. lately, i often got this type of dreams.. what is actually spinning around in my head?? emm... i wonder.

there is one guy texting me last three days.. physco guy..! annoying.. no, wtf that guy!! he used my number..!! sick! but, i had to give up, bcoz of final.. study is more important......

i better stop now, i donno wat i will type in here if i wish to continue.. later, after settle some issues here and there, i'll write wat i need to write.. 4 now, c ya.


fallin 4 u....

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Fallin' for u - Colbie Caillat

don't know, but I think I may be fallin' for you
Droppin' so quickly, maybe I should keep this to myself
Wait until I know you better

I am tryin' not to tell you, but I want to
I'm scared of what you'll say
So I'm hidin' what I'm feelin'
But I'm tired of holdin' this inside my head

I've been spendin' all my time just thinkin' 'bout you
I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin' for you
I've been waitin' all my life, and now I found you
I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you

As I'm standin' here, and you hold my hand
Pull me towards you, and we start to dance
All around us, I see nobody
Here in silence, it's just you and me

I am tryin' not to tell you, but I want to
I'm scared of what you'll say
So I'm hidin' what I'm feelin'
But I'm tired of holdin' this inside my head

I've been spendin' all my time just thinkin' 'bout you
I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin' for you
I've been waitin' all my life, and now I found you
I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you

Oh, I just can't take it, my heart is racin'
Emotions keep spinnin' out

I've been spendin' all my time just thinkin' 'bout you
I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin' for you
I've been waitin' all my life, and now I found you
I don't know what to do, I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you, I think I'm fallin' for you

I can't stop thinkin' 'bout it, I want you all around me
And now I just can't hide it, I think I'm fallin' for you
I can't stop thinkin' 'bout it, I want you all around me
And now I just can't hide it, I think I'm fallin' for you
I'm fallin' for you, oh, oh, oh, no, no, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, I'm fallin' for you

aisehmen... camne ni...


happy in sad.

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last nite was awesome.. despite that i am numb plus a bit mad. we had a little party for ourselves after wwe final. hee... we had mee hoon goreng yg sedap, i repeat....... SEDAP ye......... with sweet tea. huk3... after done eating, drinking and talking, not talking i guess.. never stop talking..hee... we had a game. Spontan game. its funny though. pemberita 3 kepala.. can't imagine how noisy was us that nite. haha...

after tired laughing, we took some pictures. happy2 faces.. until....... 1 incident happen last nite. my katil patah oiii... but, that's nothing much. the real incident was, kaki kak marie kne ktil mse katil 2 jatuh.... scary.. bengkak kaki nya.. besar sebelah. huk3.. sory kak marie.. its must be freakin hurt.

here, the incident happen because of the bed was overloaded with people...... we took picture at this bed, and evryone was so exited.. so, just imagine, single bed with 8 - 10 people on it. and fyi, this bed is really old.. and that's it. the bed bending and left me and one fren on it, shacking..

the room become silent and all of us pay attention to kak marie that is totally in pain.. after a few minutes, she said, she is fine, so, we back to the bending bed. and, happily.. after few methods, we managed to fix it. well... engineer kan.... haha... poyo..

then, all of us were dismissed and continued to the highway project that need to submit today. i slept at almost 4 am.. and woke up at 5 am.. continue again.. then, woke up again at 8 am.. to finish it up.. however, the truth is, me, myself donno how many times that i do that. sleep, wake up and sleep again. its reapeated until i am fully done with the project.

and now, i got a minor headache.. nothing to worry about, my nose almost bleed again. but, nope. it haven't..i just felt the simptom.. haha... a bit sleepy and lazy.. and the most important is i am hungry.. !!!!!!!!!!!!

take off now..


yeah baby..!!

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come on...!!!!!! 1 paper down... 4 more to go..!!

tomorow is wwe paper.. can't wait!.

nothing happen today. i am just feeling happy 4 myself..

laugh is the best medicine for sorrow.. enth ayat sapa knak culik tok.. haha..

miss my golong so much! last nite she asked me something about physic. hee... its been a long time. forgot oredi.. but, i still managed to answer her question.........(^^,)

quote of the day, 'my name is guru pekka! TM.. ching*smile with peace*'



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wooo... i hate uspot very much.. one time u managed to log in, it will not long lasting. evry minutes it will try to disturb ur work by off ur line or send message dat u r forbidden to access this page. but, after few secs, it will recover back. aaaaaaaaa............ really annoyed me..

hey uuuu...spot. eeeeeeee.......... luckily u can't c me. if u did, u die. i was very2 mad at u rite now. huh! better i go for sumthing. it bugging me a lot..

hate uspot...!!


what am i thinking?

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ooo.... there was one nite. i am in the totally bad shape. soo bad.

many things hurt my feeling. and it was soo excruciating...huhuh until i fell a sleep bcoz of that.

feeling guilty is distressing.... hate it. and then, ur perception on that thing would change. next, the awkwardness will take place. aaarrgghhhhhhhh..........

but, nothing to worry about.. i can handle everything. although the truth is not. hahaa...

this song is match my feeling now...' veronica - untouched'

haha.. continue later. so much work din finish. weh! polh keja gik ya.. marek dh rehat dh... today is ur work day!. do not think too much la...daa..~~


breaking up.

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i'm breaking up with my report soon....... yea....!!!!!!!!!!!

but, final is coming........ huhu....... 5 papers more to go..

soil, wastewater, design, highway, and traffic.

yeah..! u can do it! believe in urself...

u can do it, grab that flag and slide down.....!!!!!!!!

can't wait for 'spinning da bottle'!.. wahaha...... hope it will change sumthing.

off to work. buh-bye~


i trusted u

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hey u there, please behave urself ok..!

i trust u, so please let me stay on trusting u..

don make me hate u. i am trying to not thinking about those stuff, that can make me ouch..

so, please behave..... i know u r so exited, but make sure it is in the rite place and in the rite mo0d. it looks like u never went for some entertainment before. is ur life soo depressed? huh! why do i care. one more, behave urself..!!

if u think u know me, u actually don't. so, take it slow and let the time fix it.

i know u r great person, but i need more time though.. no need to rush on anything. it will be disaster. so, take some time to relax and time will do it all..

i hope i still standing until the end of this sem.. this sem is so busy with lab report and projects. huk3... wakk, call me.....



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what would u do if sumone think u did a big mistake but actually, u didn't do it. on the other hand, u did some mistakes, but it is not that serious as sumone thought it was.

so, how u gonna deal with this? me myself have no idea at all.........

btw, its been a while i din post my story here.. after the last post, hurmm.. o.. i'm frightened and scared like hell that nite. bcoz of the movie i saw at the cinema. huhu... scared ooo... the scenes in that movie looks like real and really happen in real life. typical story but, the best!

i do have some stories happen lately. but, i don feel want to share it here.. weird case, though..

my class trip to Dengkil was fun and amazing, with mangoes, fellow frens, pics, bus driver behavior, where he 'scared' to drive the bus to the treatment plant i woke up late that morning, bus full, and many more interesting memories.. we become closer as coursemates. happy..^^,


dat nite

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i cried dat nite..

nothing to tell about. none of ur business...

just me n my feeling.

take off..


crazy nite

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let see... yaaaa..... last nite was great. but tiring.

friday morning, i din go to design class. study for highway test 2 at 3 pm.

the test was suck! i can't answer it rite. but, i din felt anything. bcoz, i din read about 'passing sight distance',so, i know nothing about it. hahaa.... for 2nd ques, i donno wat 2say.. missing sumthing sumwhere....

that evening, i went to rugby traning. really fun and refreshing.. but......... i accidentally stepped on a little innocent toad. poor little thing...died instantly.

at nite, open house called riang ria aidilfitri at our college... free foods.... happy2...!! all of the foods was delicious and yummy....... i tasted it all.. n the best among others is the lemang...... seriously nyaman........nyummm2.... and congrates to jamie, she won bju tercantik that nite.. white kebaya nyonya.. but, while her cloth being announced, she n few frens busy taking picture. and all of sudden, all eyes in the hall were watching her n her frens... hahah.... shame2...

here2... the climax, after done eating and taking pics, my crazy fren asked to watch movie.. n, i'm in. haha.. spontaneous. then, she asked another fren, she's in. and she asked another fren, she's not in... bcoz of sumthing2. so, there r three of us. wearing bju kurung, except one of us. she changed. we watched 'sorority row' at alamanda.. the story.... i don wan to talk about it. see it urself..

and almost 1230 am, we went back to college.. continued later....


no title.

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its early in the morning....... the time now is 3:34 am... based on my watch la...

what am i doing at this time???? sndri pn xtau...

here2.. i do have story 4 today... i mean yesterday...

dat morning, i woke up bcoz of my alarm screaming not stop.. i snoozed it of course.

went to class wif no feeling at all.. in the soil class, i didn't understand wat the lect said. but, the basic2 things of course i knew... after soil class is traffic class, i do like this class now, its fun, when i keep on imagine myself at the road.haha...

class finished at 1 pm. den i went to IT lab, academic office and try my lucky charm to see my PA, but i am not very lucky... he's not in.

later, at 2.30 pm, i went to SS by my bike, to buy sumthing 4 pantry and oso 4 myself.

and den i fell asleep. woke up at 3.30 pm. went to fina's room to do autoCAD drawing for highway project. finished at 4.35 pm..

after dat, at 5.45 pm. i went to the field for touch rugby demo. so sad, there was only 6 to 7 people. how r we gonna play a game? not enough player maa...

i played rugby when i was 1st year. i kind of forgetting a little bit about the game.. but, after i played again that evening, all the memories come back!.. awesome.........

i loved to run and chasing the opponent that try to score, and when i managed to say word 'touched!!!' the ball mati... hak3.... loved that feeling.

we stopped at 7 pm. i went to koop, to buy some drink 4 bukak posa... huk3... so freakin tired when played in fasting mode...

den, nothing happen, i had my nasi lemak and mineral water for dinner, i took a bath.. after dat, went to fren's room. lastly, i sleep at midnite.

woke up at 2.30 am... washed my cloths... do reports and now blogging + fb.. hak3...

ok la, need to say gud bye... c ya!



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i have so many things in my head rite now.

but, i feel so hard to express it here.

i am tired of this,
- high school drama........
- pretend in front of somebody.
- cannot focus on anything.
- assignments and projects.
- my messy room.
- always think about sumthing ridiculous to cheer up myself.
- try 2 avoid depression and hurting.
- my test sucks! not all la..
- missed sumone.
- try not to think so much. its not good 4 health. only 2 hours per day.
- too much sleep..
- lazy..
- not much time to give food 4 my soul..

i am cold like ice... din care much about people around. but, i do care about certain people.. that's why i said 'much'.

i want 2 live my life...

wahh.. when its gonna happen..

i got to go. meeting at 1030pm at bilik mtm....



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KIA or Kuching International Airport, i was there yesterday.. trapped almost 2 hours bcoz my flight was delayed.. wtf. soo... boo ring.. u know. but, at least i can online for half an hour. not that bored.

however, here, i will make the story more interesting, i met someone while waiting my plane arrived. he has something to do with football and piala malaysia 2009. he is friendly.

we had a little chat about football, duhh.. i am so not into it. after few minutes, his plane arrived, but we were not in the same plane, so.. thank God!. haha.. i kinda headache hearing about football and his journey around malaysia. it sounds cool but, i am not in the rite mo0d.... then, at the end of the conversation, he asked for my number, n i gave him. i thought it was not a crime, giving number..

but actually, i was wrong......... givin number to stranger is a crime. ish.. he keep on texting, calling, asking me and its a little bit annoying. yahh.. annoying when it was in the middle of midnite plus i am tired and not feeling so well. i had a fever and flu in the next morning. huhu..
but, he is not that bad. my fault. just accept it.

fyi, i knew another guy in hp. the day before this. it happen when i sent a text to a wrong number. until now, i din know his name. i assume the person is he based on . hehe... he is funny, and unpredictable. haha... but, wait n see.. its to early to conclude sumthing..

back in the plane, i din remembered anything, i think i slept all over the journey.. hoho.. wake up when the plane touchdown. on the other hand, i wan to salute the pilot of this plane bcoz he landed the plane smoothly.. i din feel any turbulance while landing. as usual. i bet he must be a pro.

later, my cousin pick me up. thanks to her... she willing to pick me in the middle of he nite and she needs to wake up early in the next morning. thank you so much!

den, at home, my fon keep yelling.. huk3.. i din care much, bcoz too tired and sleepy. i slept and had a nice dream... ngeh3...

i think i better stop now, the post is quite long i guess. hee.... btw, gud nite!

p/s: nobody's wrong or rite here....

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