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today, i am having my lunch alone since my dad and mum has something to do. i called my friend to pick me up, but she cant.. she doesnt have a car to pick me. so this is my story...

today's lunch was... i walked alone from my work place to kfc. i ate snack plate with my lappy, watching gossip girl. everyone was looking at me, but i dont care. after i finished my lunch, i went for window shopping. i was looking for the sandal that i saw last month at hopoh, but i didnt find it anywhere except there. this weekend, i'm totally gonna buy that sandal. huh. and a brand new shoes.

haa.. my work today was becoming a translator for my boss. but it was not easy you know... hahaha.. of cause i get help from the thing called internet. hehehe...

just now, while i stepped in to the office, a lady called me and asked me to fill one form. first, i taught the company form, but it turns out her daughter's project. geography i think. haa... so funny, these kids need to be taught to do their own work. if not, the parents will become the victims. i donno what to say, now and then is different. so the people also different..


its decided

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the big dilemma between stay in cbg or accept the new job as an engineer has been decided last week. about half an hour i change my mind from quitting and choose to stay in the training program.

before this, i had decided to quit both of my choices, however as always... my super cool dad... brainwash my super genius brain and he did it again. changing my mind from quitting. i dont know how he does that, but he did change my mind.

plus, he gave one good advice while we were still on the motocycle, he said,'dont easily influenced by others cause u never know them'

so, here i am working without salary, n just allowance..

i have sumthing to write here but i am in hurry now, i'll update later..

bye. cya!


how i got my job

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............................. i really dont have time to blog! ahhh... this is because i am working from 8.30 until 5.. monday to friday, saturday maybe sunday break. aahhhhh.... this is so tiring.

here, let me tell u how i got the job. first, my cousin asked me to register for cbg (capacity building for graduate) this cbg thing will help u to find any vacancy in any company private or government. then, place u to that agency. so, i register by sending an email to that cbg.

then, after a week, they called me and asked me to send my resume and all the certs to them. so, the next day after i got the called, i sent the thing they want.

after that, 2 days later.... i got a called from them and told me that there is a vacancy in one construction company. they only give me 30 minutes to decide whether i want the job or not. lastly, i took it after i talked with my boss..

just imagine, on wed i sent that resume, on friday i got the called and i have to report to the company on next monday. i feel so mixed up cause i have not expected all this in few days... i am shocked.

aa... to treat my shockness, my bro, my sister and i went for midnight movie. watching harry potter in 3D. and it was awesomeeeee!!! u guys should watch it.

owh, ok, back to the job.. on the first day in the new company, there is one guy that also been sent by cbg. so, there are two of us from cbg. we had our first meeting with the big boss and he offered us to become a permanent staff there. but with loww salary cause we have no experience at all. i didnt give any answer yet. i am still thinking about this promotion..

haa... so that is how i got my job rite now... ahhh... so many mosquitoes la here, i'll update again later. c ya!



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owh, based on the last last post, which i posted on 1 july.. today is 12 july and i have a lot to tell.

on 27th june, i had been offered the administrative assistant job. since i have no job at all and no respond for my application, i just took the job. the job is simple. i need to do the database for the company, paper work for the program, and letterssss.......... many kind of letters. hahahah... i'm working 20 hours per week with rmxxx per month. i think its worth it or more worth it actually.

but, of course i'm still searching for the better job and hopefully i can use my degree.. *finger cross*. i did applied for job in miri and training in cbg. but, my head dont really like the cbg thing.... i probably prefer not working with the government right now. i have my own mission in life.

my previous weeks had been filled with thousand of laughter...:)))))))) not else by my favorite person, bintang!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhaahhaaha... she made me laugh everyday and every minutes. hahaha.. although she said that actually i am the one that made she laugh out loud. watching her smile and laugh everytime i make the 'face' or say something ridiculous just made my day.


she's the boss

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today my sister become my boss and i am her driver. i treated her as my boss. u know, i opened and closed the door for her. she's really enjoyed it though. so did i.. hehehe...


its been a long day

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i am so tired today since i woke up late and i arrived 5 minutes late at the office. as i sampe at the office, my boss was in my room waiting for me.. huhu... scary. and she just said that i need to prepare 19 letters 4 the list she gave me earlier (day b4 yesterday). then, she want me to update about the proposal and the government letter... hurmm... i did managed to finish the 19 letters cause it was copy and paste... the proposal, i told her i need some time to finish it up. then i had lunch with my bosses. huhu.. i have to eat a lot since my bosses want me to have it.

then, i sent my friend to the airport.. at first, she said her flight was 4.10 pm and by the time i want to fetch her, its already 2.30 pm.. if u always take an airplane, u know how late u r now.. but then, she said her flight was actually at 4.25 pm.. n i sempat sent her to the airport.. fuhh...

hah, my day din finish here, since fina will be going to kl tomorrow, i just want to spend some time with her. so, we went for karaoke cause yesterday we din make it. i love karaoke with her as i can sing whatever song i want. hahahah... we love to sing kelly clarkson's song. hehe.. that night just a nice goodbye for me to her. hope to see u again! hey, i havent see your dress!

ahaa.... u must think i will finish here.. no no no... i am not wrapped it now. at home, my little cousin was actually waiting for me.. awww... so sweet... so, i have to play with him. after that, i need to send him back to his house. but he doesnt want to.. he said he want to sleep with me here. i have to bribe him and said, we'll play again tomorrow and now u have to go home. after several minutes, he said ok.. so, i sent him back home.

after that, i thought i just want to go upstairs and sleep. but, i spend some time with my family instead. we watched Imam Muda and having fun together. i saw my mum fried some mee hoon for dinner. i 'swooped' all of it although i already had my meal. hehe.. the mee hoon was nice.

aaaaa then, i had some conflict with my feelings. and now it just recovering.. after all that, i surely can say i had a full day with full tummy too... hahahaha...

that's all folks. i had to go. c u latter!

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