gud bye 2009, hello 2010...

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hah.. we already reach at the end of the year.. today is the last day of 2009. and tomorrow, will be a brand new year 2010. many things happen in 2009. so many memories.. luv it so much.

just now, i'm watching SAW 4, and what i can conclude after watched 4 seasons of this movies is, human will always try to break the rules although the rules are very simple and they will do what ever it takes to survive or to help others. hence, they will be under depression and the worst, they will do what had been told to do, without thinking. then, make a wrong decision before realize the consequences.

i like this kind of movies, although it was horror to watch, where people breaking their hands and legs, smashed their head, blown up their body, twisted arms, legs and other 'amazing' things that human body can do.. haha.. and this is all because of jigsaw's games.

somewhere somehow, i've been thinking about the purpose of the game. jigsaw do seem cruel to design this kind of games, but if we think again, he actually want to test human reaction on some situations and look how they deal with it. whether they willing take some risk to survive from the game.but, many has failed the test because they failed to follow the rules and some made a wrong decision...

i din blame jigsaw in this movies, he maybe have some problems. but, the players that he had chosen, obviously have much problem in life.

in his games, players were given 2 choices, live of die. it was the player itself who choose what the best option for themselves. no one has force them, it just the condition of the games who has made them to choose the choices that actually not a choice at all.

from this movies, i tried to relate it with reality life. at this time. in my world.. is my last year worth it? do i valued the life i'm having last year?. i hope i did. but if not, i better do it for the sack of my future.

hurmm.. btw, happy new year...!!!! and may this year bring all of us the better life..=)



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huhu... sumthing spoil my mo0d today.

hurmm.... wat am i gonna do right now..?

suddenly, i realize that i am not a good secretary... (after accidentally looked at the huge file on the bed.) however... i already hold this position almost 4 times.. wat a coincidence...

i'm still waiting for sumthing.. i really hope it will come.. but if it doesn't happen, i know what should i do.

i had a little ouch for last few days.. but, nothing much. it's just my brain playing games with the other organs.. huhu... sumtimes, when the brain lose, u will feel the pain..

tomorrow is my first class for this new semester. hope this semester will bring some happiness to me and others too..

need to sleep now, it's already 1:08 in the morning.. gud nite.


sooo CuTe..!!!

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OMG..!!!!!! they are so adorable....!!! i'm speechless when i saw these pictures...... they are so cute..! no doubt.

muat2 je dlm 2..!!

ngntuk sngt dh ni... hee...




x skit ke?

isn't they cute..???
hahahah.......... i love cats sooo much!!


my present..

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happy birthday 2 me..!!!!!!!!!!!

wow... fyi, i got the most amazing present today.. the bleeding nose......

ya Allah... i have camp to attend, don make my life miserable.. and this time, it bleed a lot more than it use 2. i used a towel instead of tissues.. woh.. my towel was full with blood and mucus.. eewwwww........

waaaaaaaaah........... what a great present i got this year...

pray for me, hope i can survive this camp without any injuries or anything else..

gtg now. miss u, and c u soon........



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Saying 'I Love You'............ .in a special way.
A guy wanted to

express his unfathomable love to his sweetheart. So,

what did he do........?
He gave chocolates to all the girls living in the
University student apartments and asked them to turn

their lights on or off at 8pm that night.
See the pic for the rest........ .....
Truly Breath taking ! You don't need to guess his

sweetheart's reaction.
Hundreds of students came over later to witness this

great piece of Art driven by the Greatest Emotion

known to Man - 'Love'.

this girl was very lucky!


husband of the year...

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heee... while i'm surfing.. i found sumthing funny. it just for amusement in the evening.. enjoy it.


Starting off the competition of the
Husband of the year awards
The honorable mention for:

...followed closely by The United States of America

and then ................. Poland

but 3rd Place must go to

it was very very close but the runner up prize
was awarded to..................

But the winner of the

husband-n-wife of the year
......is .........
' Scotland '
Ya gotta love
the Scottish.

The Scottish are true romantics..look, he's even holding her hand.

Woman has Man in it;
Mrs. has Mr . in it;
Female has Male in it;
She has He in it;
Madam has Adam in it;

Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...
I never looked at it this way before:

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN?

MENtal illness
MENstrual cramps
MENtal breakdown

AND ..
When we have REAL trouble, it's a

heeee.......... Have a good laugh and a great day!



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i had a great time today...:))

nothing much happen, i'm just feeling good.

i don think i will have a great time just like this one when in the future.

laughing non stop, listen to many crappy things.. hee..

one thing i learnt today:

- u will know the true color of sumone if only u live with them.



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somewhere somehow my mind started to think again. many things come into my brain right now. things i have done, things i got from others, things i wanna do before i can't do, things that i had regret before, things that i want to happen in my life and some complicated things.

soon, i will turn 21. at this point, my head do think about myself. i realize that i want to be me. but, i still can't find myself. who am i.. sometimes, i think i am like this, then on the second taught, i think i am not like that. i keep on pretending to be myself. i tried to be normal, but, i am not normal.. there is something inside me that still hiding somewhere2. i can't discover who i am. i don't have any ideas about myself. aarrgghh... this is complicated than i taught it is.. my head started to digest some new info, new feelings and new attitude of mine. huu.. i do care less about it. but,, sometimes it do bugging me out. i hate it.

everyone want to make their blog private. should i do it to? but, i don think so. we'll see..



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cuti ak dh nk abis tuk sem ni..

byk bnd ak x smpt nk wat. mcm2.. mst ad yg blocking. dh la cuti ak d pendekkn, sume bnd ak nk wat sume xleh. klau ak wat pun, mst x bes.

tensen2... dok umah pun tensen. tp, bla abg ak ad, ak hepi lak. tak la slalu.. suasana jd ceria. hahah..
abg ak kt umah pn kjp je. meh, ak cite ckit, pe jd ak cuti ni..

lpas ak blek umah, ak jd driver adek ak. xla slalu. kdg2 je.. pas2 jumpe kwn2 ak. xde bnde len ak wat.. dok umah. tgok hbo... ermm...

pas2, ad satu minggu ni, ak ngn abg ak jd pengapit. haha.. lucu. ak xtau pun ak jd pengapit time 2. mlm before 2, kazen ak kol, ckp ak jd pngpit. hah! terkejut beruk ak, nsib x jd trus.. abg ak dh penah jd,, so, die x ksh sngt. pd ari kejadian, ak ngn abg ak jd gle... sbb byk bnde yg x wat lgi. ingtkn jd pengpti senang je. b'diri sblh pngtin, kipas2.. rupenye x...

ari2, ak ngn abg ak g cri riben tuk kete, hias kete, ambik kek, ambk pngtin kt studio. rushing2 je sume.. abs bsah bju ak ngn abg ak. nsib kaler itam, xnmpk sngt.. haha... tp, muke memg merah.. pns lgi, b'peloh2 g iringkn pengntin.. memg bengong... siap lap2 muke lagi.. org dh ambk video dh.. memg masuk la sume 2... hahaha.. ak memg bkn pengpit bertauliah.. dh naik ats pelamin, adusss... ak jd blurr2.. abg ak siap bg signal lg.. huah3... lucu sngt. lps pent2 jd pengapit yg x seberape 2, ak blek ngn adek ak.. owh, adek ak jd flower girl, ngn kazen2 kecik yg len. hee...

ak jd nanny kejap, time 2 parents ak xde kt umah. g KL. ak la yg wat bekfes, lunch, dinner. haha.. xpe, die ske sume mknn ak wat. pengalaman xleh lpe, driving kete senget sblh. tyr sblh knn dpn dh hancus dh.. haha.. sampai2 je umah nenek ak, berasap je tayar 2. huah3.. adek ak gelak2 je tgok.. pas2 ak g tuka tayar.. sume org tgok.. malu nyerrr... sampai luke2 jari ak tuka tayar 2. tp, xpe, ak dh pandai tuka tayar skrg.. ngah3..

then, adek ak ckp, blek je la umah... xyah g mne2 dh.. tp, lpas je kete msok umah, adek ak ckp, jom pizza kakak.. haaaa.............. ak pun bising kjp. tp kami g gak bli pizza for dinner.. sedap.. tp, yg x bes nye, pizza ak bkn yg ak oder.. len lak topping die. ak x ksh, bedal je la.. lepas 2 bru ak bising psal pizza 2.. hahah.. ngek.

pe lgi yg jd eyh.. haa.. ak men dance floor ngn membe ak. gler sonok.. haha.. siap wat video lgi. tp, ak x sempat nk men ngn membe ak org lgi.. fina. dh plan, tp, asek2 xjd.. huhu.. ak x jumpe die cuti ni.. jumpe sem dpn la nmpk nye.

haa.. satu lgi. ak ngn famly ak ad dinner kt continental hotel. dinner ofis mak ak. sonok sngt.. famly ak dpt byk adiah... ak menang game. 1st prize.. haha.. sonok game 2, senang.. tp, memerlukn fokus yg tinggi. hihi... adek ak pun dpt adiah. mknn die bleh thn gak. ak ske mee hoon 2.. sedap sngt.

pe lgi eyh.. x byk kot. pas2 ak ngn famly ak g miri.. yg ni, ak cite lam post len lak. ak nk tdo dh ni. ngntok... ok la.. buhbye..



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result dh kua..

not as i predicted.. but, it still ok.. i need 2 work even harder next sem..

n i hope i will do it and make some changes in my pointer.......... please........... u need 2 do this. no matter what.

by hook or by crook.. set ur goal up high!!


2 of us.

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it's been almost 2 weeks i'm at home. emm.. quite fun. a little bit boring... bcoz, i need to tidy up the house every day.. i hate this job. for exact reason.. huh. but.. what can i say, it's my home.. not nobody else.

many things had happen in these few days. going out with my frens, jln2.. went to pc fair with my bro, bought new cooler, but not that good. same as the headset. too big 4 me.. huhu.. going out with my dad is the best, i donno, just the best. haha...

there are sad moment.. i lost my cat last week... donno why, it don wanna eat, and look sick. i can't focus on my cat that week, i had a lot of guest for three days, if i'm not mistaken. it was tiring........ i think, my cat ate the poison grass at neighbors. huhu.. it was healthy before this.. all of sudden, it dead..

i'm watching 'finding nemo' rite now. it was very good movie. funny.. i just love dory. she was hilarious.. hahah.. i wish i have some adventure like them.

my bro just got new car.. white viva. he mms me yesterday.. huh. nowadays, it was so easy to buy a car.. huhu.. no down payment or anything else, like the old days..

what i have done for this holiday..? entah la..

things that i need to do before going back to upm.

- meet all my frens.. the closed one la..
there are certain people i haven't meet yet. (especially her. haha.. )
- finish my reventh report. haha.
- buy a sport shoes..
- hanging around with my beloved sis.
- pick up my laptop.
- treat my hands.. samting happen to it.
- increase my stamina. (for the next camp. huh)
- buy new watch.
- nothing else i guess.. just wait and see..

i need to go now. c ya in the next post.

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