Just a long note..

Posted by mierah on 6:41 AM

Hi there,

How r u? I dont know how u've been although we live together.. Here, I want to say I am very sorry if there is anything I did or said that make u mad, stressed  or annoyed. This is the only way that i know u will read this. As we've been friends for only 6 months, I barely know u and from what I knew, U are very most caring person yet very stubborn. I'm sorry if I annoyed u again.

Its almost a month that we din't talk to each other. I dont know whether u r mad at me or others. And I just assume at me cause u din't want to talk to me about anything u stressed off as we always do.

If u really mad at me or its just my feeling, please do not do this silent thingy at kuming. She really respect u as her leader, motivator and teacher. Plus, very very adore u as her friend.. I dont want the last memories of u guys is not talking to each other.

Because of ur absent yesterday, everyone is asking and we dont really have the answer. And that makes the situation become more tight..

As for me, I just want to know why did u behave like this. Making scary face n not talking is not the solution I want and this is not a normal silent. I know u will ignore this cause u think its weird or 'lain....' but for me, i cant speak so i will write...

Thank you for reading this, and I hope u will find ur happiness that u r looking for. Btw, I rarely say this but I miss our time together..

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