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it was an okay holiday for me coz the holiday din went as been planned before. so many things happen which i dont like actually. for example, my parents din join this trip. it's just me and cousins. lets see.. we have 14 adults, 4 children. quite a number. i prefer small number coz not many heads to follow. btw, there are plans had been canceled such as riding horse and bike, ice skating, and what a.. forget odi. nvrmd la.

here, i would story about the holiday.. first, we went to genting highland. then, sky bridge at klcc, petrosains, sogo, mydin, a famosa resort, historical place in melaka city, zoo melaka, low yat, time square, nilai 3. thats it. its not much, but we manage to have some fun.

however, for me, most of it was babysitting the 3 years old cousin and 2 years old niece. tired.. these 2 little kids make me think whether i want to have a kid or not.. and yet, of course i want.. just not now.. i still have many things havent done yet.

while in a famosa resort, i experiences the most valuable things in my life. dont ever ever underestimates small things. think before u do and make sure u know ur limit.

and from this trip, i able to know and spend time together with my cousins which is good. because we never speak or have fun or hang out together. from this holiday also, i learn a few things about parents and teenagers. teenagers nowadays.. is totally different from old teenagers.

aha... someone is coming. continue later.



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penatnya.. lepas exam. wlpn dh abis 3 paper, technically 4 paper, still rsa x free.. sbb ad gik 2 paper.. cpt la abis. dh x lrt mok stady.. mok rilek kjp.

mok skor paper structure eh. x pnh aim structure. p, pa slh try..

gtg, mok smbg tgok cita. hehe..


a letter from me

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i have a good friend, i mean a great friend that teaches me everything i never think of. but, after that day, everything is falling a part. its hurt to know the truth. well, the truth is hard. u did broke my heart that day, but the hurting part is not that, the hardest part is to know that i am hurting u for all those years. how can i forgive myself, after what i've done 2 u.

as we already know, u and i came from different world, different background and different everything. the thing that bought me to u is we came from the same place. that's it. and there r people asking ' how can u 2 be together?' i said donno... and now i know. u entered my world. u follow my way. and i let u. thats y we can b together. and i never think of it. thanks for that.

i never ever had an intention to treat u like a punching bag or mock the way u study. i am sorry. i taught u r loud, happy, hardcore person. instead, u r also sensitive, soft and caring inside. i forget that u may also a lady... everyone has their own way of study, me myself also do what u did. i am not clever or fast learner, i juz genius. hehehe.. kidding. i don have any idea that u were offended by me. i never think that i am the person that hurt u the most. (ouchhhh...) u never say a word that ur hurt....

i had no idea that i've been burden u with all my things. u need to cheer me up, motivated me, give advices, and i don remember the others. and i like it. i like all the attentions. but, things will not b the same, coz u had to lie to make sure i'm ok. and i cant live with that. its too long, u keep ur feeling too long. i taught, we friends, good friends. u can say anything u want. but why now? why don u juz scream at me when i'm hurting u? y u must lie and pretend... it does make me want to do more. coz i donno that i'm hurting u. and i don blame u for all this. i blame myself coz din realize all these things in the first place.

btw, am i hot tempered? yes, everyone knows that. but shooting people, i donno. but i cant say i din, coz i do. sometimes, i don even know i did it. in school, i am different than now, people change, i changed with the environment. i'm rebelling. i am sorry if u got shot. i taught u can handle all the shooting i'd thrown at u (intentionally or not). sometimes, u shot me 2. but i juz don care. except the last one, i care.

after that day, i'm afraid to be with u, i'm afraid if i'll hurt u again, its hurt to know when my love one hurts. i may have no value to u, but u r one of the most valuable thing for me. u taught me to say no, be confident, and many things that never come across in my mind. and not to forget, gossip ;). and i appreciate it. u try so hard to follow my way. and u r good. i never taught that i am so hard. u r different, coz u enter my world instead i entered others. thats y u cant stand me as i cant stand others.

i maybe a bit different, cause i'm still put my pieces together after u blew it with ur bazooka that day. and i want to thank you for everything u had given me and i am so sorry for everything that i've done. i cant say it in front of u, cause i'm suck at speech. and u know that. and i know there are hikmah for all what happen. i'm juz glad to know.

p/s: i'm still new with the gun, and sometimes, it feels gud to have a gun.



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no, nothing to say. i missed sumone rite now. i do. but i knw, i cant do anything.

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