Im not good enough

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I think she is mad at me.. My mum.. Because last night, i come back home at almost 12 am... Earlier that day, she mentioned that she wants to eat outside cause she din cook any for dinner.. I told her that i have a game with my colleague and may come back late for dinner. So, she just bought me a take away..

After the game, i've decided to meet my fren since she will leaving to kl the next day... We had a little chat and stories.... I missed the old time.. Really do...

Then, the thing that make me say she was mad at me is she din really care about me, she din ask anything... Its like a silent punishment. And this morning, she din even talk to me. Usually, she will asked or juz talk anything when i said something.. And yet, she just talking to my dad and make me basically invisible...

Its hurt, and very painful when i know i did made her sad or mad... I really feel that i am not a good daughter for her.. I am not good enough for her to be in the family... I cant decide or divide my time for work, frens and family even myself... And i am very tired... Physically and emotionally.. What should i do.. Tommorow is mother's day and i dont want to ruin it...


That is not my intention

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Hello there...

This moment, i just wanna say that i am very sorry really deeply sorry about tonite's incident..

I have no intention to run over the poor, afraid and cold frog at the road while im driving back from work... Im trying to dodge them but there is nothing else i can do... I had killed two hopeless frog tonite and i am very sorry about that.

Maybe the frogs just had to be died today on my present at that location. I couldnt say much because it already happen and they are obviously dead... I just want every frog knows that it is not my intention to kill them.. It was an accident.. Tragic accident... I am very sorry for their losses...

*pity the living, not the dead because the living need to move on for their life* - Prof. Dumbledore


I'm done

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Haaa... I am agree with qoute 'legends are lesson'- brave-

Man are predictable.. They r rasional n logic. But, for those who arent, its quite hard to understand.. Just like woman.

I personally cant understand myself.. Haaa... If u know what i mean... I couldnt decide what to follow.. Brain or heart.. It feels some sort of battle inside of me. And after a few hours, im tired and then i just go with the flow.. Hahah..

Truly, i dont know what actually im gonna wrote here.. I just want to say something here.. Owh. I remember...

I am done with u. Please dont chase me anymore.. I cant accept u as what u need me to. So, let just be frens or whatever u want it and let the nature decide..

I'll missed ur text but i dont missed u. I'll missed the fight i have with myself because of u, but i dont want u to stay in. Its complicated and i am done with all this. Thank u for all the memories, and all the thing that u have given me.

U make me realize something about myself and i want to thank u for that. I forgive what u have done to me, and i hope u forgive me too. I am not the best for u and i hope u will find her soon.

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