i'm not used to...

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its been 1 month i'm working at my own place. however,.. i already felt that i've been working here for few years now.. its exhausted and stressful.

i'm really not used to be nonindependent. since 2006, labuan, 2007-2011 serdang, 2011- Jan 2012 sabah, and only now Feb 2012 kuching. i'm not used to drive myself to go to work cause i always took bus or taxi, i'm not used to tidy up my bed coz i'll tidy up when i want to, i'm not used to cook everyday coz i'll buy my food, i'm not used to clean the house and fold the cloths cause i'll do it only when i hve to. there are many things which i'm not used to do here because before this, all of this already be taken care of.. however, now i live here, evrything will change. my routine will be changed.

i'm not used to live in my own house since its been too long i'm not around.. i'm not used to be 'no friends' condition in such a long time. i'm not used to be nag about the same things all over again everyday.

i'm used to be flying around and do whatever i want to do. and the best thing before this is my house is the nicest place for me to rest. however, lately the nicest place suddenly change to depressing place ever. i hope ill be used to this reality sooner, because my life depends on how much time i need to adapt this environment...

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