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aisehmen... sedeh eyh... my new shirt ilang....!!!!!!!!!
gatal na tgn org mgambik ya eyh... lom pake gk bju ya.. ish.
nsib bait bju murah jak.. huhu...
tp, still.... nya bru.. n lom d pake... huk3...
kjap ali jak vanish. ee.. bkn nya ada org glak zon tok... sapa ka ngmbik oo..
give my shirt back...!!!!! huhu..


30 jan 2009

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Wahh… so boring here.. no one in the college. Plus my rumate oso go back 2 ganu. Huk3.. I am alone here… in my room, no 232.. eating instant noodle.. huk3.. I have too much work, because of that, I donno where 2 start. Hak3.. (mlas actually).. huhu.. I dunno what 2 write this tyme..

What am I thinking..??

I luv 2 think, until it is too much and in the end burden myself. Huhu… sapa srh pike bnd plek2.. bkan bnd plek, it juz came across in my head and then pusing2, jln2, until I cannot take it anymore. Something that I always think are, where is everybody?, why does it happen 2 me?, can I do this? And many more.. but, sometimes, there is nothing in my head and then it oso make me sick! I am complicated.. emm..not me, human.. huk3..

This morning I woke up too early. Its 3 am. Huk3… pa kah bgun awl2.. tp, sambung tdo blit.. hak3.. dh la ujan.. bes juak tdo.. then, I woke up again, 8 am.. its still early… so, sambung blit tdo… until 9.30.. after that, ddk dpn lap. 0n9 kjp.. until 11 am I think. Pasya, bok g mandik.. hak3..

Until now, I need 2 do my assignment.. so, I have 2 go..



chAos wEek..^^,

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Mals nya mok update menatang tok..Tp, cam bes jak mok naip..My last 2 weeks was disaster.. not really la.. juz hard 4 me..After the larian merentas kampus, I need 2 collect the number again, and now, I need 29 more number..Malas mok pg bilit cdaknya eyh..Lelah jak polh announcement, p x juak mok anta balit..

Huhu… bia jak la dolok benda ya..

Ok, here I want 2 share sumting..

The 2nd week is nothing 2 share, it juz an assignment.. hee.. but, there is sumthing I did.

For the 1st week, I went to EE class, because I want 2 accompany my fren..i decide not 2 write my name 4 the first place. But, my fren, fina dare me 2 write it. So, I juz wrote it..hee.. I think it will not make any probs. However, it did. In the next class, the lec put my name in one of the lab group. My fren told me that the lec r looking 4 me. Hihi..really looking, I mean it, she keep yelling my name non stop.. hak3.. can’t imagine how. I feel bad 4 the lec.( I will take this course in the next 2 sem.. hope she din recognize me..) My fren in it, juz keep silent n very quiet.. huhu..

During this week, I had many misunderstanding between many people.. my fren, my family..n it was so miserable n stressful. I can’t focus on anything, even my studies. I had 2 redo my design assignment; I did not start anything on my envi assignment that had 2 b submit on the next week, plus, I haven finish my minit mesyuarat 4 reventh. Huk3.. so many.. but, I have 2 go through it.. and… I did it.. except the minit mesyuarat. Huhu.. this misunderstanding really make me terrible person.. huk3.. let it go..!!!!!!!

Huk3..let the pass be gone.. hee..

On 18 jan 09, I went for paintball competition. Hak3.. it was the most greatest game I ever did. Huk3.. but, we need 2 pay 15 ringgit per person. 1 group 5 persons. However, the most important is we got the 2nd place over 20 groups. Hak3.. what the feeling.. we managed 2 b top 5 but didn’t realize 2 get 2nd place… hak3… I luv it..! in addition, I haven’t got shoot by anybody.. hak3..I’m the man.. but, I want 2.. huk3.. later I think..

Next, 1 day, on 21st jan, my fren and I went for bowling. Juz the 2 of us… huhu..others don wan 2 go, because of the assignment. So, it juz 2 of us. We went 2 the mines, go 4 bowling, 2 games but both of us did not satisfied wif the games. Huk3.. but, she said that im improved. Huhu.. for the first game, I used 10 lbs ball, huk3.. heavy.. sampe terlepas kat belakng.. hak3… malu2.. then, I changed 2 8 lbs. this ball is ok, but always go in the wrong path, u know..(bukn jln yg lurus) huhu.. too light I think, that's y it corner too much. Hak3.. wat the theory, juz said 2 make me feel better.. hak3... but really i didn’t play well.. after dat, we played dance floor..!! superb..!! hak3.. luv this game. but i envy 4 those who can play it very well.. i will try my best.. Finished.

Ater the bowling, I went back 2 college and try 2 finish 3 assignment (hydro, envi, soil) huhu… sapa soh main2.. kn.. xda masa dah mok polh keja.. I sleep late that nite. What does u think? Assignment of course.. Huhu… by hook or by crook I have 2 finish it..but, don worry.. I can do it.. i will.. huk3…

After that, we have mid term holiday. Only for 1 week. On the 24th evening, my cousin wif her family of course and I went to bukit tinggi Pahang. It was so many pleasing views from there. We spend a nite in selesa hotel, lil bit far from Colmar, because all room in colmar oledi finish booked.. but, in the morning, it was raining and reli cold.. Here r sum pics I took while at bukit tinggi.

my dinner dat nite.. guess how much it cost? it was RM6.

view while on top of clock tower.

ikan dalam tasek kat japenese tea house.. byk.. besa2 gik ya..

tok kolam ikan2 ya.. cantek kn...?

tyme at rabbit farm.. cantek rabbit nya.. byk juak...

hak3.. tok gmbr jak.. x msok pun..

my castle...!!! (bla la ya)

me wif my new fren.. hik.. boring li muka ya.. pakh?

1 experience I never forget. At botanical garden, 1 little tiny creature had bite me. It was really itchy for the first time. But really kmk gelik….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pacat ba ya gigit kmk.. eeeeeeeeeeee……………….. dh la itam. Begerak2 gk ya.. gatal na msok lam sluar org.. kmk realize bnd ya ad pun tyme lm toilet, mun x pg toilet, dakne ka.. eeeeeee……… damn pacat ya..nyaman2 jak ggt org..

place where i realize sumting bite me..!!

Later, we went home in the evening of 25th jan. that nite, ol of us r really tired. But, the next day, we went 4 a movie at seremban 2.. underworld 3.. huu.. syok3.. tgok la.. best.! Tp, da part yg x phm gilak.. but, for sure, best la.. in the mean tyme, b4 tgk movie, my kazen n I searching 4 in-line skates. Huhu.. then we found it in jusco. Rm 52. But, after we think twice and wisely, we did not buy it.dunno why, like sumting told me that don buy it… so, I didn’t. huu.. creepy..

After holiday for 4 days, I had a fever plus flu plus skit tekak. Ish.. nasib tyme cuti xda pa2.. n now, I am still wif my flu.. dunno when can recover.. huk3.. until this tyme, I have nothing 2 write anymore… I will write again soon.. smile always..(^^,)


LifE iS wonDerfuL.. lalala...

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'life is wonderful' by jason mraz...

It takes a crane to build a crane
it takes two floors to make a story
it takes an egg to make a hen
it takes a hen to make an egg
there is no end to what i'm saying

it takes a thought to make a word
and it takes some words to make an action
and it takes some work to make it work
it takes some good to make it hurt
it takes some bad for satisfaction

ah la la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
ah la la la la
ah mmmm

it takes a night to make it dawn
and it takes a day to you yawn brother
and it takes some old to make you young
it takes some cold to know the sun
it takes the one to have the other

and it takes no time to fall in love
but it takes you years to know what love is
and it takes some fears to make you trust
it takes those tears to make it rust
it takes the dust to have it polished, yea

ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
ha la la la la la la life goes full circle
ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
ha la la la

it is so
and it is so

it takes some silence to make sound
and it takes a loss before you found it
and it takes a road to go nowhere
it takes a toll to make you care
it takes a hole to make a mountain

ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
ha la la la la la la life goes full circle
ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
ha la la la la la la life is meaningful
ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
ha la la la la la

it is so wonderful
and it is so meaningful
it isso wonderful
it is meaningful
it is wonderful
it is meaningful
it goes full circle
full circle

50sen give me this song... hehe..
tengkiu.. luv it!



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sooo malas la this week...
but, i hav sumting 2 share...
huk3.. later la..


tHe opEning sEaSon..

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First week...

Wah.. what a buzy week…

I hope I can cope up wif ol this until the end of the sem..

4 last week, I’m buzy because I was the manager of merentas kampus 4 interkolej. Although, I’m also a manager b4 this, it is not the same. This is because merentas kampus includes between 100-150 person but netball only 12 peoples.huhu.. that’s a lot of people. Here, I’ve learnt it is difficult 2 managed hundred of people in the same time. Juz imagine, I only have 4 days 2 managed ol things about this run. There r sum people taught I’ve been working in the office because I always go there. Huhu… it was exhausted and I don’t wanna do that anymore.. to much people I need 2 handle plus their weird attitude. I don wanna say it here.

But, ol of my efforts r paid of. Our college got fifth place over 15 colleges and it is new record 4 my college..!!!! how amazing it is.. i want 2 congrates ol who take part in it.. thanks u guys. Not 2 forget, thank 2 my frens that help me go through that nite.. huhu.. thanks very much!

In the mean time, I’ve drama between me n sumone.. I donno how it begin, but it was bizarre. Huhu.. I know, the word is 2 much. But, it is really bizarre. My fren also said so. It was 2 much questions 2 answers. Haha… That’s y I said it bizarre. huhu.. However, its done now. Beside, I think it juz 4 me 2 ‘warm up’.. hak3.. wat an evil.

Finish about the drama, now I am still upset at my fren, because that day she told me sumthing… and its hurt.. ouch! But, she never realized it. That’s y, I will try 2 forgive and forget. Huhu…

Yesterday, I went 4 a movie wif my cousins. We watched outlander. The story is ok 4 me. It is not 2 much, n easy 2 understand compared 2 the spirit.. the movie that I saw 1 week ago. warrgghhh…!! Wat a pathetic movie. Huhu.. but, sumthing really cool happen, because of that movie, we watched brainscan without a ticket. Hak3... we sneak out from the first hall, and then went 4 another hall. Wah3… it’s cool and amazing.. wat an experience.. u can try it, but don get caught! hak3..

For week 2, juz wait 4 another post.. huhu.. astalavista….(^^)


sedey eyh...

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kmk xpat mok publish mek pun blog...
lelah jak mek taip pnjg2...


my Cuti...!!!!!!!!

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Ola readers.. soo00o sorry… I din hav much time to update my blog recently.

Urmm… as I remember the last post I promised 2 share about my vacation rite?

So, this is my vacation’s story…

A famosa wetland, Melaka

This was the best vacation ever in my life. 4 this time la.. hak3… because… it is 2 days after my final..!!! how amazing..its feel soo good and refreshing.. wah3..

our hotel

There, we experience new slides such as Family Raft, Jet Slide, Wave and one more, I forgot oredi what it’s name. the best experience was when we took FAMILY RAFT, it was So00 c0ol..!!!! ol of us were screaming and my brother said this while he screaming “ aku x mok nait benda tok agik..!!! gila eyh.. dah tobat..!!” I juz laugh when heard he said that.

But, not even 10 minutes after he land in the water, he said he want it more.. haha….Then, he ride it 4 the second time wif me, my mama n papa. It was wonderful, mind blowing and so family… u know wat I mean.. haha… u must try it wif ur family or frens. No regrets.

with the tidal wave

the jet slide, and my brother in it!

the yellow thing behind us the family raft

me n my brother ou of the tunnel

my cousin n my sister..

Genting theme park

After tired at Melaka, 2 o 3 days later, we went to Genting. But 4 this time, my brother didn’t managed 2 b wif us bcoz he had final paper. Of course it not same when he;s not around. But, we also had good time 2gather at there. But we were a little bit unlucky when we didn’t hav the chance 2 ride the cable car. Bcoz of sumting2… I don want to write it here… it juz sound silly 4 me.

By the way, forget about it, back to genting, my family and I had a great time in the snow world plus pizza hut. Waaahhh… wat a splendid combo. Next, we walk in the breezy cold wind outside the building. We took some pic and had sum valuable time wif each other….

me n nani la.. walking outside.

eating pizza.. nyum2..

in front of the genting park

so cold...!!

Back 2 kuching

Finish at overseas; we went back 2 kuching on 12 nov o8. Of course I’m happy went back home but there r sad things happen. First is I din took the same flight wif my family. Huhu… nothing much, about 3 hour late. But still…it is not same. huhu. Second, I had asthma after 2 days at home. It’s been a while when my last asthma. I dunno why it comes. But it happen 2 me. Changing surrounding I think. Huhu…its sucks. Hate it.

napping 4 oxygen

Matang family park, kuching

We forget about the sickness, huk3… back 2 the basic, our vacation din stop at genting, however after I recover, we continued at matang Family Park. This is not our first choice actually, but never mind, we had a great time. At this time, my brother join us back and this will change the situation. Wat I mean is more chaos. In other word the more the merrier.

Hee… owh, sory, about the matang family park, nothing I wanna say here, we juz get wet and cold. Huhu… but there are sum event that full of joy and memorable. For instance, ol of us except my mama turn into `fisherman’. Hee… but the most successful was my sis, bcoz she can caught many fish in the short time. Second is my papa, he caught the most beautiful fish. Not 2 forget, the lozer r me n my brother. Hak3.. failed 2 catch even a single fish! Huu.. wat the shame. Here are sum pics.

my brother

the successful 'fishermen'

its me.. eating mamee..

Ranchan pool

The following place 4 us to spend sum time together is at Ranchan pool. At this time, 2 of my cousin also come wif us. It was so.. so… happy. I couldn’t say anything. The water was so cold. I’m freezing out there. As usual, we try to catch a fish, but this time, my papa is the king. And my brother is the queen. Abg can caught udang besar… then, we let it free.. We r not that cruel. Huu…

Program at Unimas

After spend a lot of precious time wif family, this time is 4 frens and community. I join as volunteer 2 b a facilitator 4 prgm `Jom Masuk U’. from this program, I learnt many things including about myself, frens, seniors, juniors,and the most important is how 2 become flexible. It is not easy 2 b flexible. although it sound simple, `flexible’ juz follow the wind o sumtin u think it is, it’s not like u think.

Faci need 2 find ways o b creative to cover up and act in front of the candidates if we make mistake. N it is not easy as u think.. for example, what do u wanna tell 2 the juniors if ol of u not even one faci were at surau 4 subuh prayer. And b4 dat u r the 1 who told them 2 go there early and in the end, u didn’t show up. U cannot answer u woke up late n u pray in the room or sumthin else. (although it’s right). Huhu… can u guess the best cover up? It’s hard. N usually, we run of time 2 think the answer. At last, kantoi.

Huk3… being faci is good 4 everyone where it helps 2 build the soft skill. But, it needs 2 b trains. As my grandma said, “Practice makes perfect”.

my group..

Dinner at harbour view hotel

Huah3…. 22 dec o8, ofis mama polah dinner kat harbour view hotel. Best..!!!! bkn tyme dinner, tp, time persiapan nak pg dinner ya bes. Hak3.. suma soping bju bru. Lucu.. mknn nya pun not bad, nyaman.. except ikan ya, kurg ckit… dinner ya kjp jak. Around 10 dh abis, sbb esk nya ari keja. Huhu…

our dinner table

while waiting 2 eat

my abang..!!

me n nani

my mama n papa.

My besday

24 12 08, my birthday…. Huhu… there r few wishes 4 me this time, n I think bcoz I change the hp number (positive thinking).huhu… But, no fence, I’ve got my present. Electronic Sudoku.. luv it so much!

my sudoku..!!!!

Back 2 UPM

Uwaaaa… time back 2 school…!!!!!!!!!!! Damn.. but, I will try 2 make it happiest study time at uni.

Until here, I will continue at next post. C ya.

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