after 1 week

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i miss blogging.... very much. after 1 week without internet, i feel so lost in this new world around me..

my phone broke down after few days i am here. so, i have to buy a new phone.. and guess what phone did i bought??? u cant believe it cause i cant believe it either.

so far.. i like my work. i feel like working.. but.. there are some inconveniences here and there. however, what can i do.. just keep urself together and suck it up!

no time for arguing or merungut this time. btw, its 1.40 am.. and i have to go to work tomorrow.. so, i have to sleep.. there are tonnes of stories happen to me this few weeks. and i am eager to write it here. coz its fun. later, i'll come back and give some story.

for now, i cant stand my eyes from closing and its a gud bye..

bye, daa.. oh, sorry if my sentences upside down.. a bit sleepy and so lazy to make it right.


bye kuching

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tomorrow i'll be flying to kota kinabalu for my work. 6 months..

suddenly, i cant stand to leave my parent by themselves here.. however, its for my own good.

btw, its not i'll be at kk forever.. i hope i can learn fast enough and come back here early than expected.

couldnt bare to stay there.. i have vacation to plan. kan wak kan.. hihi..


far away

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tomorrow is her birthday and we still cant celebrate our birthday... i cant remember the last birthday we celebrate together cause its been ages we din do that.

i miss the time when we sing a happy birthday song to each other in the early morning. and make fun of our own voices.

i miss her very much and i wanna call her rite freakin now cause 5 more minutes is her birthday!!!!!! gtg. bye!


lmk gilak dh

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lamak dah ak x blogging.. malas ada, bz ada, xda bnda mok cita ada.. mcm jak...

tp, last2.. blog juak.. btw, selamat hari raya semua... hihi... lupak mok wish ktk ctok. dh raya ke- 6 dh tok.. ngeee... xpa, raya sebulan bah.

mok ngga tb lok. n ada bnda mok polah kak tok. klak la post agik. sori mun sapa2 baca ya, xda post baru...

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