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Hi, I have this friend. She seems different from my other fren. I think we are quite close because almost everyday we'll see each other at work. But, on sunday we will just go with our own separate life.
What i mean by different is, first, she likes to plan everything bcoz she will feel better if she had a plan. It doesnt matter whether the plan will work out or not. For other people, they make plans to make sure all things will go thru smoothly with the plan. Totally different in planning purpose~
Second, she likes too many things. For example, she likes sport expecially basketball, fishing, math, physic, music, poetry (allan poe), orchestra, blackhole, astronomy, drawing or sketching, pool or snooker, swimming, and many more. It is so rare for me to find one person to like so many things which obviously in different angle in life. As if she likes all things except biology and chemisty. She hates them. Totally.
Third, she cant b mad or angry, she will just annoyed and muttering. Just that. In the mean time, she will prank her friend just to make herself feeling better. o_O but, i like it. It makes me feel alive.
Despite on the difference, she can b a friend, motivator, shrink,  colleague, bully, wet blanket,  comedian, story teller, driver and a buddy for me all this time..
There r few things more which she is different from my other frens. But overall, she is normal and fun to be with.. I'm thankful i can be friend with this friend of mine.

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