Things i never knew

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Hi. I think its been a century i did not post anything here. Hahha.. *perasan ada reader*. Nevermind..

Today, its been 2 months and 3 weeks i am here working at samur, sipitang sabah. I couldnt felt how fast the time flies.

I never knew I will meet a very different people here. I mean it, different.... In all aspect. Personality, attitude, and of course language.

In here, we work as subcon and our main con is mostly Indonesian and few Japanese. So, the dialect is similar from what we hear in tv but the feeling is different. Hahhaha... What am i mumbling now... What i mean is, it seems like i am not at Malaysia anymore. Felt like different country. Talk with them makes u also talk like them.

Back to our topic. I never knew i can be knowing such a crazy and good frens here. I never knew i can mingle around and felt very comfortable. But, there are also few people with double personalities. I dont really like these people but u still have to smile and act like nothing happen which is not.

Here, i learned how to see people react with work, and also with other people. Some people with excuses.. Some people with empty stories, some are really commited, some just make they own business, some some people just as much as annoying they can be.

I really hope i can learn many things here not just about work, but also about life and people. I hope i can improve my skills and i can be proud to myself..

Nothing much i want to type here coz i just need to get sleepy then sleep. And now, i am sleepy after writing down something *uras* here. Got to go. Write again later.

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