why why why why.....

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i had enough of your attitude. its freaking annoying as much as i can stand it. what do u want me to do? if i said i will, i will. and uuu... just shut me down. what the hell??? i just freakin hate it, u know!!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaa............. why oh why... is this who u r? if yes, i dont know what to say. if not, i hope i can find the reason why u been treating me like this.

sometimes, i feel like stranger to u and i dont know who u r. i cant see u anymore, and u did said something to me which make me feel soooooooooo bad. i just hope i can accept this new environment..


bad day...

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today, my day just went like hell! i have a long day with stomachache. i went to the toilet for almost 20 times today. it felt terrible. then, my sister said that maybe i had diarrhea..

i couldnt eat properly, after i ate samthing, i must go to do my business. its tiring..........

thanks to my sis cause she does all the housework today.... sapu umah, jemo bju,
kmas dapo, lipat bju. cook nugget for me and others..

for half of the day, i just sleep in front of the tv. thank God, now i can eat and walking around. but,
my tummy still aching. hope tomorrow my stomach will be ok cause i have something important to do.

wish me luck and i think i have to leave now, my tummy 'speaking...'



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i just arrived at my home around 1 o'clock in the morning. and i got a text that the result is already come out. i cant sit down properly for the breakfast cause i really want to know my result. and then.. from the inside, my heart screaming like crazy but from the outside, i am smiling like crazy. finish up my breakfast and keep on smiling...

OMG!! thanks to Allah... syukur alhamdullilah.. i never thought that my dream can come true and it really come true for the last semester.. i cant imagine how i can do that. of course i didnt do it alone. thanks to my family and all my friends. i just feel this news was beyond my expectation..

although the result is not good for some people, but for me, it was really good and i know i already give my best shot. i really appreciate it so much. it shows that all my hard works and my tears are all paid off.

it feels sooo good when the result is still 3 pointer, bcoz my result before this was unstable and the feeling of wondering whether the result will drop in the last semester is very painful. with all the scary exams and projects, i had taught that i can never make it with the second class upper for graduation. but, i did it. plus, i passes my autocad exam. this just like an add-on happiness for me.

just now, i went jln2 with a very 'old' fren of mine afina. hahahah... it seems four years just not enough for us to date. hahahah... we both were in excited state and mind blowing about the result. so, we go out to chill the adrenaline rush in our body. hahahaah... sharing this with her is a good idea coz i think only she knows the pain and trouble i've been through. btw, i dont have to tell everything coz she knows the up and down, the good and bad moments we share together already paid off with this result. for a while, we just enjoyed the great feeling ever...

owh, i'll tell the story about my vacation later la.. with pics if i rajin. hehhe.. off to go. bye!

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