happy in sad.

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last nite was awesome.. despite that i am numb plus a bit mad. we had a little party for ourselves after wwe final. hee... we had mee hoon goreng yg sedap, i repeat....... SEDAP ye......... with sweet tea. huk3... after done eating, drinking and talking, not talking i guess.. never stop talking..hee... we had a game. Spontan game. its funny though. pemberita 3 kepala.. can't imagine how noisy was us that nite. haha...

after tired laughing, we took some pictures. happy2 faces.. until....... 1 incident happen last nite. my katil patah oiii... but, that's nothing much. the real incident was, kaki kak marie kne ktil mse katil 2 jatuh.... scary.. bengkak kaki nya.. besar sebelah. huk3.. sory kak marie.. its must be freakin hurt.

here, the incident happen because of the bed was overloaded with people...... we took picture at this bed, and evryone was so exited.. so, just imagine, single bed with 8 - 10 people on it. and fyi, this bed is really old.. and that's it. the bed bending and left me and one fren on it, shacking..

the room become silent and all of us pay attention to kak marie that is totally in pain.. after a few minutes, she said, she is fine, so, we back to the bending bed. and, happily.. after few methods, we managed to fix it. well... engineer kan.... haha... poyo..

then, all of us were dismissed and continued to the highway project that need to submit today. i slept at almost 4 am.. and woke up at 5 am.. continue again.. then, woke up again at 8 am.. to finish it up.. however, the truth is, me, myself donno how many times that i do that. sleep, wake up and sleep again. its reapeated until i am fully done with the project.

and now, i got a minor headache.. nothing to worry about, my nose almost bleed again. but, nope. it haven't..i just felt the simptom.. haha... a bit sleepy and lazy.. and the most important is i am hungry.. !!!!!!!!!!!!

take off now..


yeah baby..!!

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come on...!!!!!! 1 paper down... 4 more to go..!!

tomorow is wwe paper.. can't wait!.

nothing happen today. i am just feeling happy 4 myself..

laugh is the best medicine for sorrow.. enth ayat sapa knak culik tok.. haha..

miss my golong so much! last nite she asked me something about physic. hee... its been a long time. forgot oredi.. but, i still managed to answer her question.........(^^,)

quote of the day, 'my name is guru pekka! TM.. ching*smile with peace*'



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wooo... i hate uspot very much.. one time u managed to log in, it will not long lasting. evry minutes it will try to disturb ur work by off ur line or send message dat u r forbidden to access this page. but, after few secs, it will recover back. aaaaaaaaa............ really annoyed me..

hey uuuu...spot. eeeeeeee.......... luckily u can't c me. if u did, u die. i was very2 mad at u rite now. huh! better i go for sumthing. it bugging me a lot..

hate uspot...!!


what am i thinking?

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ooo.... there was one nite. i am in the totally bad shape. soo bad.

many things hurt my feeling. and it was soo excruciating...huhuh until i fell a sleep bcoz of that.

feeling guilty is distressing.... hate it. and then, ur perception on that thing would change. next, the awkwardness will take place. aaarrgghhhhhhhh..........

but, nothing to worry about.. i can handle everything. although the truth is not. hahaa...

this song is match my feeling now...' veronica - untouched'

haha.. continue later. so much work din finish. weh! polh keja gik ya.. marek dh rehat dh... today is ur work day!. do not think too much la...daa..~~


breaking up.

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i'm breaking up with my report soon....... yea....!!!!!!!!!!!

but, final is coming........ huhu....... 5 papers more to go..

soil, wastewater, design, highway, and traffic.

yeah..! u can do it! believe in urself...

u can do it, grab that flag and slide down.....!!!!!!!!

can't wait for 'spinning da bottle'!.. wahaha...... hope it will change sumthing.

off to work. buh-bye~


i trusted u

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hey u there, please behave urself ok..!

i trust u, so please let me stay on trusting u..

don make me hate u. i am trying to not thinking about those stuff, that can make me ouch..

so, please behave..... i know u r so exited, but make sure it is in the rite place and in the rite mo0d. it looks like u never went for some entertainment before. is ur life soo depressed? huh! why do i care. one more, behave urself..!!

if u think u know me, u actually don't. so, take it slow and let the time fix it.

i know u r great person, but i need more time though.. no need to rush on anything. it will be disaster. so, take some time to relax and time will do it all..

i hope i still standing until the end of this sem.. this sem is so busy with lab report and projects. huk3... wakk, call me.....



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what would u do if sumone think u did a big mistake but actually, u didn't do it. on the other hand, u did some mistakes, but it is not that serious as sumone thought it was.

so, how u gonna deal with this? me myself have no idea at all.........

btw, its been a while i din post my story here.. after the last post, hurmm.. o.. i'm frightened and scared like hell that nite. bcoz of the movie i saw at the cinema. huhu... scared ooo... the scenes in that movie looks like real and really happen in real life. typical story but, the best!

i do have some stories happen lately. but, i don feel want to share it here.. weird case, though..

my class trip to Dengkil was fun and amazing, with mangoes, fellow frens, pics, bus driver behavior, where he 'scared' to drive the bus to the treatment plant i woke up late that morning, bus full, and many more interesting memories.. we become closer as coursemates. happy..^^,


dat nite

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i cried dat nite..

nothing to tell about. none of ur business...

just me n my feeling.

take off..


crazy nite

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let see... yaaaa..... last nite was great. but tiring.

friday morning, i din go to design class. study for highway test 2 at 3 pm.

the test was suck! i can't answer it rite. but, i din felt anything. bcoz, i din read about 'passing sight distance',so, i know nothing about it. hahaa.... for 2nd ques, i donno wat 2say.. missing sumthing sumwhere....

that evening, i went to rugby traning. really fun and refreshing.. but......... i accidentally stepped on a little innocent toad. poor little thing...died instantly.

at nite, open house called riang ria aidilfitri at our college... free foods.... happy2...!! all of the foods was delicious and yummy....... i tasted it all.. n the best among others is the lemang...... seriously nyaman........nyummm2.... and congrates to jamie, she won bju tercantik that nite.. white kebaya nyonya.. but, while her cloth being announced, she n few frens busy taking picture. and all of sudden, all eyes in the hall were watching her n her frens... hahah.... shame2...

here2... the climax, after done eating and taking pics, my crazy fren asked to watch movie.. n, i'm in. haha.. spontaneous. then, she asked another fren, she's in. and she asked another fren, she's not in... bcoz of sumthing2. so, there r three of us. wearing bju kurung, except one of us. she changed. we watched 'sorority row' at alamanda.. the story.... i don wan to talk about it. see it urself..

and almost 1230 am, we went back to college.. continued later....


no title.

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its early in the morning....... the time now is 3:34 am... based on my watch la...

what am i doing at this time???? sndri pn xtau...

here2.. i do have story 4 today... i mean yesterday...

dat morning, i woke up bcoz of my alarm screaming not stop.. i snoozed it of course.

went to class wif no feeling at all.. in the soil class, i didn't understand wat the lect said. but, the basic2 things of course i knew... after soil class is traffic class, i do like this class now, its fun, when i keep on imagine myself at the road.haha...

class finished at 1 pm. den i went to IT lab, academic office and try my lucky charm to see my PA, but i am not very lucky... he's not in.

later, at 2.30 pm, i went to SS by my bike, to buy sumthing 4 pantry and oso 4 myself.

and den i fell asleep. woke up at 3.30 pm. went to fina's room to do autoCAD drawing for highway project. finished at 4.35 pm..

after dat, at 5.45 pm. i went to the field for touch rugby demo. so sad, there was only 6 to 7 people. how r we gonna play a game? not enough player maa...

i played rugby when i was 1st year. i kind of forgetting a little bit about the game.. but, after i played again that evening, all the memories come back!.. awesome.........

i loved to run and chasing the opponent that try to score, and when i managed to say word 'touched!!!' the ball mati... hak3.... loved that feeling.

we stopped at 7 pm. i went to koop, to buy some drink 4 bukak posa... huk3... so freakin tired when played in fasting mode...

den, nothing happen, i had my nasi lemak and mineral water for dinner, i took a bath.. after dat, went to fren's room. lastly, i sleep at midnite.

woke up at 2.30 am... washed my cloths... do reports and now blogging + fb.. hak3...

ok la, need to say gud bye... c ya!



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i have so many things in my head rite now.

but, i feel so hard to express it here.

i am tired of this,
- high school drama........
- pretend in front of somebody.
- cannot focus on anything.
- assignments and projects.
- my messy room.
- always think about sumthing ridiculous to cheer up myself.
- try 2 avoid depression and hurting.
- my test sucks! not all la..
- missed sumone.
- try not to think so much. its not good 4 health. only 2 hours per day.
- too much sleep..
- lazy..
- not much time to give food 4 my soul..

i am cold like ice... din care much about people around. but, i do care about certain people.. that's why i said 'much'.

i want 2 live my life...

wahh.. when its gonna happen..

i got to go. meeting at 1030pm at bilik mtm....

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