its time

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i am freakin boring working here.. surprisingly they knew that i am really bored here. its not much i can do except the admin work. i feel tired waiting for the job that could never be mine. its just frustrating. its been a month i've been here and what can i say about my experience... its nothing. its pathetic! poor me.

i hope i can stand at least 3 months more. then, i want to go elsewhere if this situation continues.... but, if i got a new offer, i might take it. hehe.. i couldn't feel the feeling that i suppose to be felt. they said, there are a lot of works here, and i could learn a lot of experiences. however, its not happening.. maybe its to soon to tell. so, just wait for a few months.. the time fly very fast u know..

thankfully there is internet connection here, if not i would die with boredom.



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ramadhan will end..


raya will come...


my sister will not be here anymore!!!!!!!!

and soon....
huk3... i am gonna be crazy!


raya.. heeee..

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hahah... my sister, my mum and i already baked two type of biskut.

haha.. nice kan..

alaa... this picture is upside down

before the 'art'

this is another biscuit. the one that i safely baked.

hahah.. this one, a bit burned underneath.....

up till now, those two the only one that we made. maybe next week we will start on baking the layered cakes....! hee... i have few in my mind now..

off to go...:)


government's intention

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i heard this story from my mum last week. in the car, after work.

the JPA which stands for Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam, will be diminished. my mum and her friends were in the Bahagian Pencen where they the one that managed all the pesara's money.

so, my mum and her cliques were really disagree with that decision and a little bit shocked. they had a meeting with the bosses and representative from kl regarding this matter.

while in the meeting, the representative said that the decision already been made in the last meeting. however, i dont know how all the staffs are not been informed about this. maybe there are some misunderstanding between them.

then, the workers try to fight for the pesara because with current condition, the jabatan still faced problem with money delayed, not enough data and so on.. plus there are some pesara who are mad and crazy at the office cause of late payment. what happen when the department diminish?

from the one i heard, many issues can be brought up because of this matter. the political issues also might be involved. the JPA in KL also disagree with the proposal of diminishing JPA in Sarawak. because when the department in sarawak been shirnked, the kl department will received all the comments.

i donno what the government's intention about this. there must be something that i couldnt see and maybe there are other things that government want to do with sarawak. so now, my mum will transfer to another new workplace.. left me here alone..

mun dolok ak nganok pak uban ya, sorilah. ad bagusnya juak ko still cya. except benda2 yg ak rsa xlu pdh ctok.


1st August

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today is 1 August and also 1 Ramadhan. first day fasting. and today is also my busiest day in this company. i have two bosses and one supervisor. all three gave me a task continuously. first, mr. J. he gave me a list and i have to check the end value of that tender. is it same or not.

then, ms. A. asked me to update the outgoing and incoming letters for this ongoing project. after that, mr. A. gave me one weird task. something with scope of work of the project. i think so..

due to fasting month, mr. J said our office hours is from 8.30am to 4.30 pm...... hehe.. however, the next door company, finish at 4 pm......... huhu...

btw, i had a great day today. i finished all my work except the scope of work which i dont have any idea how to do it. i'll do it tomorrow.

so, that's it for today... c u later.. sleepy... owh. before its 2 late....... SELAMAT BERPUASA KPD SESIAPA YANG BERPUASA!!!!!

ok, i'm done. byee..

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