egg's expression!!!

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i would like to share something that i found in the internet... its funny and looks real. hee.. enjoy.

the expression shows for itself. so, its true about 'pictures tell thousand stories...'


idk wat 2 say

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today is the last day of my holiday..

before this, i x saba nk blit kolej. but.. now, i feel like sedih mok blit kolej.. today, i woke up 8.30 in the morning. i saw my mum's face while talking to her. it's just unexplainable feeling. during lunch, i ate with my dad while watching tv. it feels so rite. and we had a high tea together which prepared by me. then, we took our dinner. together.. i miss my abg, and my sis. having dinner together is the best time ever. here, we share stories, jokes, and everything.. i think i will never get it elsewhere.

btw, after dinner, i have to prepare some cakes to be bought tomorow. my parents are there helping.. we had a great time tonite. maybe its too late for now, bcoz today is my last day. before this, i was busy with my things and they were busy with other things. we dont have much time to spend together since the holiday.

for last few days, mcm2 happen. and everything is not rite. there must be some mistakes or wrong here and there. and i, have some internal problem with my parents.. its hard to explain here, but my frens knew. and i din blame anyone for this. bcoz there is no rite or wrong. its just cycle of life. and everyone knows life is complicated and unpredictable..

i have to go now, i hope my feeling will heal soon... btw, kmk tkut mok pg kelas azlan................. and take the exam! assignment nya lom polh.. presentation fyp is coming. and kmk rsa mcmm lom sedia jak!!! huk3...


turn back life

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i am super happy today. hahaha. life is karma.. every sadness will be covered with happiness..
yesterday, i am super2 devastated and disappointed. bcoz of some reasons...

but, today, i am so happy. but, not for the whole day. today, sahur time, the car wont start. my bro n i need to go to grandma's house to sahur together. plus our parents are there 2. after the car wont start, so, we have to use motorcycle. same problem occur when the motorcycle also can't be started. just imagine, both of us bru bgun tido, n we need to push the motorcycle. i have to run and push the motorbike while my brother tried to start it. it was tiring and depressing. we almost give up, but i ask my bro 2 try again. den, it works. so, we had our sahur as planned.

in the morning, i help my mum 2 scrub the garage's floor. we had a great time. plus, my brother oso came 2 cheer us up. he called me 'gelama' n keep on saying, 'ma, ney gelama tek ney? lari dh nya ka?.. this moment, will be one of my best memories... he's great on cheering up the day. here, the sad, sorrow, depressing day had turn to happy and bright day..

then, i went out with wak a.k.a. my honey~~. its amazing. although, it is not much. just walking around spring... it is always spring.. we just donno where to hang out. pity.. hahah... but its ok, we figure it out later.
owh, before that, i went to fina's house to take some stuffs. n i officially met her niece. erika.. haha.. she is so cute. super adorable. hehe..

next, the happiness doesn't end here. i'm on the phone with my sis which will come back on this Thursday. talking with her, is wonderful. i can't wait to meet her face 2 face.

unfortunately... the happiness is trying to flip back. after sending my brother to the workshop, i went straight back home. but, while i'm on the way back, something happen. horn, blockage, missd junction, and so on. then.. the bad luck follow.. while i want to go to my aunt's, the car wont start again. and this time, it worse. can't start, the light keep blinking and the alarm also start to ring. arrghhh.... i hate alarm.. too loud. duhh.. that's it purpose after all...

after that, the karma not yet turning back. it almost 6 pm and i am not serving any food for breaking fast. my mum n dad just came back from indiastreet.. and asked me to do tons of works.. huhu..

in the end, the happiness came back where i had a great time while baking my cake until now.. its almost 3 am.. btw, i overslept during layering the cake.. i slept like 20 minutes and thank God, my cake din burn.. if it burn, no 1 will notice bcoz its chocolate.. it is dark btw. hahah..

i am sooo freakin sleeepy right now... i wonder when is my bedtime... hurry up cake..

off to the cake. duhh...



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i am sooooo sad... deeply sad.. i may did a stupid mistake today. a very2 stupid............

for the first time, i din think straight. but, after several hours.. i think, its my fault after all.. so, no one to blame.


pasang heater

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hahahaha.... 1 day lps sampe umh, sonok gla.. hahahha... n, daddy soh pasang heater kt blik mndi kt ats. first time pgg drill dikpun. n drill dindin umh. hahaha.. best aie........... aok la.. kdk org x kalak. tp, polh bnda tok, bleh tmbh ilmu n pengalaman. lak, mun org soh psang heater, pande... naa....

ingt bolh psng giya2 jak ka?? ney da... mst pake bnda2 tertentu sak nya lekat kt dindin. n pasang paip nya gik. mst pake, selotep samting, sak aek nya x kua..

happy gla polh bnda tok. rasa lain alu ngn ap d blaja d klas. best! last skali, pasang nya pun wayar gik. pande lpak indh ney satu bumi, neutral and idup. tmbh2 gik, kaler wayar ya merah, ijo and itam instead of biru, coklet, ijo belang kunin. hahah.. so, solution nya, tpon abg. abg pdh, ijo-bumi, itam-idup, merah-neutral. hehe.... dh ingt blit.. hik3..

k lah, abg ku dh sampe, bh, bai..... hihi......:))))


i am home

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hello2.... i'm home.. feels good and happy 2 be at home. but, the flight, that i took just now, was unpleasant and the most painful ever. i can't sleep or sit properly in the flight. i donno why, plus the plane was very slow.... 15 minutes late. i hate that flight.

my head feels like want to explode while in the plane cause of the pressure thing i think.. and then, my flu is getting worse and the ewww, disgusting mucuses keep flowing inside my throat. i can feel it flowing down slowly. plus2, i think my ears got problem too.. i can't hear my own voice and people keep on saying they can't hear my voice. but i think, i'd scream already...

things to do for this week.
- wedge yon
- assignments retaining wall
- shopping with abg
- kms rumah
- wat
- bake cakes
- go to c wak (if can la)
- and all things related.

i want to watch tv.. its been ages... i din watch tv.. off to go..


we have to choose

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the holiday is coming, or can i say already started! hahhah.. i'm at the airport waiting for my plane.. which will arrive at 5 pm.. boring le.. here..

btw, back to the basic. i have a lot of stories to tell. but i donno where to begin. i felt like i am not myself again. but its refreshing and feels good. i want to start something new. it feels like if u want to do something that u think u can't do, but u did it anyway.. its amazing.. that the think i wanna try.

for now on, i am trying to be want i want to be for last few years. the person that i want to be before i step to the matriculation. just let the time tells what will happen in the next 5 years.. is my dream come true? or become a different than i want to be.

other than that, after listening to the lecture this morning, some taught come out of my mind. what will happen to me after i graduated. can i find a good job? can i survive in the world without my parents.

its almost 5, and i think i should stop now, i may continue later, in my home.....~~~ heheee.. bye!

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