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this internet connection is making me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please dont make my life miserable, its already wretched right now!

can u just be stable for couple of hour,, so that i can do my things with smiley face and not as a hungry monster.

i need to finish up thousand of assignments and they are not that simple as the question is.

i want to go home.. its better there. nothing to do n watching tv is the best. huhhhh...


another day

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hi. i'm feeling much better today. its time to do all the works and study for the exams. later, i will be going the main library to borrow some books. and i hope, it might help me to do all the works that i need to do.

i hope i can use all of my today's hours with something good.

n hope don't end up like this.:p


take action b4 its 2 late

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bulan ni bulan yg paling baik antara semua bulan. bulan yg semua makhluk2 api dh d ikat kt tmpat yg sememangnya dahsyat. tp, masalah tetap ada, perbuatan yg jht, sentiasa ad, bahkn lebih lgi.

skrg, dh msk minggu ke-2 puasa. dh 11 ari. cptnya msa berlalu...

i don feel i am doing better for this month. i become more lazy and lazy. this is not what i want it to be. this month should make me become a better person, but i doesn't happen as i hope. there is no one that help me to do a bad thing. but i did it too. what happen when there is help, i may become a bad person...

my mum ask me to read quran, then i read it. why do i read it, because my mum asked or i really want to read it for myself? i even donno why. i can feel something going on in myself. and its not that good for me. my feeling and taught about my believe is decreasing day by day.. and i know its not a good and obviously tell me something.

i know that level of iman for human can go up and down. we are not like d angle where it never goes down. so, as human, we have to maintain it. and for me, i dont feel that i do it right.

i want to make it right. i want to be a better person at least for this month. this month is special and i want it to be special for me too. i want to feel the special of this month. if i can't feel it, it will be a very huge loss for me. and i don want that.

and now, i can only pray for my family, my friends, myself and all people around me to become a better person. and i hope we can take this opportunity to be a better person in our life.


mumbling at midnight

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i read some of my fren's blog, and i think, there are many things we donno about them. and, from the blog, we know something about them which we never think of it. impressive..

i am soooooo lazy right now. i've got assignment due next week and 3 tests need to be completed. i don have any motivation to do all the works. the scary lecturer does look scary, but only in the class. after the class, my anxious feeling gone. it felt relief and free... hahaha... sorry sir, u r to scary until i donno what i felt. but, i do respect u. u r d lecturer after all.

btw, today i went out. and i spend around 100+.. quite a number i think. but, its ok, bkn salu... hehe.. owh ya, i owe my fren around 2.40 or more for the game. i'll pay u later ok.

emm.. anyone knows about i-tune gift points? my brother asked me to buy it. but i din found it anywhere.. bcoz i donno what is it.... hahahaha... keep on searching, but donno what to search. funny.

today is very tired... i ate so much till i let it out back. errr..... lapa blit.

- next week : tests 1, assignments, laundry, fyp, my room, shopping, and so on...



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i've done with the Li presentation. and its not that good...........:( i think i dont have enough preparation for it. huh. but, its ok, its done and i still have many other presentations onwards.

after the presentation, something going on about fyp. then, we had a quick survey for the site.... :)

that nite was a little bit crazy...:D

and the most important thing i have a chance to meet my schoolmate.....:) hahaha... happy..

owh, before i forget, i have a new bag....~~ ngee.... bought by my queen. hahaha.. thanks babe!



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aaaaaaa........................ x pande plih bju.!!! sucks eh.

enth pa2... dh mok present esk...


mix up and whaatttt?

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this is august. i remembered one movie called august rush. it is one of the best movies i had watched.

this post is nothing about august actually. i just make it up.

i donno what am i supposed to feel right now. its complicated. too much information and feelings i think. works and assignments or certain lectrr called it homework still haven been touched yet. its as usual, never ending and always starting new.

i don have the mo0d of writing the things that always stuck in my head. its been days already. i haven talk 2 sumone about it. and i don want to, bcoz it is only my stupid idiot bloody fool things.

there's a lot of good things happening around me actually. but, since something bad happen, all the good things become not that good although it was the best thing happen.

i hate this uspot.. and my lappy. they can't work together as a team... pls, let me finish updating the antivirus................. it can't be done if the line is always on and off like this.

for rite now, the solution and the best thing i ever done and never regret is sleep. so, g'nite peeps.

btw, u there. think what u have done to me. and what have i done 2 u.

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