Something to ponder

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Hello there,

Hi again. first of all, i dont know what am i going to write in this post. But, I feel like to write something. Ermm... yes. there is one thing.

I just want to talk about my project here. Lets give it a name... Project S. So, this project s is a very high profile project and soon gonna be the center of attraction for that certain area. However, I cant really think the perks of working in high profile project such as this.

There are too many dramas, too many rumours, too many uncertainties that i am crazy to know. why in such way, i feel very insecure about this project s. in other way, i know this project will be by hook or by crook, will finished. there is no reason it cant. and cant be left out.

The thing that i really dont like is the political issue about this project s. It is too obvious until you can really see where and how it links and who will get all the benefits. For me, all project has its own political issue since the money will comes from the certain sources. And most probably the benefits will go back to where it come from in the first place.

I just want to hope that I can bear with all this matter.. Later, in other post, i'll write about the dramas..


My dear

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Hi b,

Its been a long time I didnt hear from you. Missing you everytime and everyday.. So, how are you? I hope you are getting better than before. no more crying because of silly things again. ☺

I feel like to write you a letter since we havent text much. hehe.... I almost forgot how we use to be for the last few months last year. This is so true as the old people says, "friendship is not about how long you know the person, its about the memories you have had together". and I think i have the most beautiful memories while with you. ❤

Its 00:38 and I am still wide awake. Although I have my family here.. I have my friends here..  I still feel so alone and bored. I dont know why, but its feel empty. I feel so miserable here with all the dramas and I dont really feel to be in any part of it anymore. 😧

I wish to tell you about my drama but I kinda forget about it since the drama is too ridiculous. okay, 1 story. There is 1 lady from KL, just report duty on Jan'17. She seems okay for a month. However, after that... 😩i couldnt stand with her anymore. i cant even see her face while talking to her. It feels sore to my eyes and mind😷. She is the most demanding, cocky, bossy, stubborn and very annoying person I have ever met.

First, she demanded a company car 🚗. she doesnt want the 2nd hand car, she wanted the new one 🚘, because the new one is arriving soon. Second, she demanded a house🏠. After giving a house, she wanted the furniture especially fridge, washing machine is brand new.🏡 After giving that, she asked us (me and my other 2 friends😫) to be her housemate for the time being since the house is so new.

On th first day, she went to sleepover at my place🚪. Second day, she went to sleepover at my friend's place, because she was too afraid to live alone there 😞. That's why, my two friends went there to accompanied her to that new house 👣 on the third day. I cant go since my dad didnt want me to go (there is a reason why, tell later). Then, that night, when midnight comes, she did literally waking up my friends and begged them to sleep in her room. 😱 reason?? because she was too freakin afraid of the sound she heard outside. OMG.... what!!?? 😲 This is not all and there is a few more things she did to us. The worst thing is waking up someone which is already asleep just bcoz of terrifying of the sound she heard. 😬

There is a drama in my office too but I think I'll write you in another letter. I feel sleepy suddenly after typing all those stories. So, its better for me to go to sleep since tomorrow I have to work.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for coming into my life and put some colour in it.😍 I miss you so much and I hope I can see you again anytime soon. Love you honey!😚

Good night my dear.

Yours beloved,

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