out of the line.

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for the first time i feel so freakin mad at u. i hope i still can make myself sane and din do anything insane.


back for good.

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hi hi... i'm going back to kuching end of this month. and will not come back to kk. i will stay and work at kuching until my project finished. hihi... however, i'll miss everyone and everything that had happen to me all this time. i'm grateful with the opportunities and the experiences that i've gained. thank u again and gud luck for me at the new place.


Its for DECEMBER 2011

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Hi readers….
There are so many things going on in my life after the last post which is the tour. After the tour, I went back to kk for work…. What else.. and its December……. Hahahah… I like December very much. Everyone likes this month. Shopping, holiday, hang out, family quality and so on. but, for me coz its my birthday month. Wahahhaaa…..

On the second week of december, I went to Miri visiting my brother. In addition, my mum and dad always come along with my jazz (the new member of my family’s car).  We went for shopping and exploring miri. We have so much fun together and the most important thing – my ka ching! fly like a bird. What to do…. Nevermind. 

After that week, its my birthday and I’m working on my birthday.. Anyway, I did one hour OT. Hahaha… I had been responsible with blackie (my friend’s car) coz she is still on vacation. What happen on that day?? I hardly remember…. Oh, went out with some friends…  learn some guitar chords. Gonna play with my sis when I’m back at Kuching!

The main event for this month is Parent’s Surprise Plan. Hahaha….. and Alhamdulillah, it went well although the flowers become ice cream.. I thing I learn, mother’s instinct are totally powerful, indeed.
After that, we had our new year celebration by watching fireworks on television… I know its lame but when u with ur family, nothing is lame. 

Gtg now. Bye!!!!!

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