once again. no spring!

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hahhaha... i break a new record for this holiday. i din go to the spring mall!!!!!!!!!! hahah... although my holiday was only 2 weeks, but its still a new record. wakakakakak.... i donno why am i so happy when i din go to the spring. i don have any solid reason. its just, i dont want to go there, there are too many people and mok crik paking dkt pintu mall ya ssh.

thanks to my buddies. who understand me which din asked me to drive there.:)))) love u guys.

this post is basically about my postponed birthday celebration. mok klaka srwak lok. mls mok skipping london. campo2 la.

after celebrate with my family and my madulebah, kmk celebrate gik ngn fina. remember, the funny, crazy fren i have. my laling juak la tok. ambk nya kt umah.

first ayt.. 'kmk xmok pg spring aa' hehe.. nya pun xmok juak. gud2...
so, g lunch, kt planet 'pluto'. nya mok cia kmk mkn, tp di sebabkn my mknn sucks~, kmk refuse di cia mkn. x special lalu.... sedeh doh...

then, jln2 kt kede lua ya, g kede cina jual bju kawen, tp, xda d mok nya. siap pdh nok d mok nya pesen lamk indah... alu kua mek org dri kede ya.... trok2.. pasya g TJ, eran phl x byk org kt lam tok. pusin2... jumpa book fair. nya jumpa buku nya mok, n that book super cheap tp gaya buku ya mhl gla... siap hard cover gik ya. salute!!

kmk 2 g TJ, jln kaki dri planet ya, mula2 x ujan, tba2 time blit, ujan indah......... singgah la SP kjp.. tangga kede lmk2 dolok. ingt zaman sekolah indah. lawak li jak. pas ujan dh benti ckit, mek 2 chow.

pasya, xtauk mok g cney, nya ajak g ilek kt debah jambatan. so, mek org pun pg la.. b4 that, bli mknn lok. and present.. hehe.. byk aie adiah kmk dpt. xpnh gik sorg, brik adiah byk ya. hahahahah... makseh laling... :p

so, mek 2 'dating' la tek kt debah jambatan ya sambil mkn2 junk food and bkak present. heheh.. lpas org ngail sblh mek org tensen xpat ikn, nya blit, mek 2 pun blit juak. bkn pa... ari dh aher..

pasya kmk g jmpa madulebah lok. ad urusan lom selesai. then, i sent her back home and meet erica!! :))

lelah juak klala lam bhsa ibunda tok. k lah, ya jak.. i want to sleep lok. dh ngantok. bye. c ya.

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There are only two people who can tell the truth about urself, an enemy who has lost his/her temper and a friend who loves u dearly~


no spring!

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hahahahah.. at last, no more spring for our 'date' last sunday. but there are a lot of things happen before, and after that. (sbb 22 emo x tentu pasal. hahahh)

before kua:
- argue about when to go out.

time kua:
(in the car)
- screaming and yelling at each other. wateva topics. everything just out.
- circling roundabout, cant focus while driving.
- drove the car like maniac.
(at secret recipe)
- no more yelling, screaming, and arguing.
- updating on each other
- we had a great time. coz we cant stop laughing and others were staring. hahahah..
- the food was nice too..

(window shopping)
- plan to watch movie, but i dont want 2 go to the spring. there are too many people. crowded la.
- change plan. when to window shopping. somewhere pending. think so.. onejaya, what else, cant remember the name. and the shops are not that bad.. nice.

(hi tea)
- after that, we went for hi tea. at... what is that place called? aiyoo.. forget already. belize, delizee. something like that...
- had a lil talk about everything.

after having our meal, we went straight home.

after kua:
- nothing much happen. we bump to her family and her dad said i look like my father. fyi, her dad and my dad know each other. i donno how, same village, working, i am not sure either. i'll ask later.

we had too much time together this time.. hahahaha this sentence is in positive tune k.. it is bcoz we havent watch any movie. and for the first time, we went home early. and it is good. i mean great.

its just amazing and relaxing. although it starts with the screaming and yelling. but it ends very well..:)))

luv u wak! always. miss u 2. hugs and kisses. >_<



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perfect is boring and predictable. everyone trying or want 2 b perfect although they know everyone wasn't perfect. but, in order to achieve the highest level of our strength, we need the perfection. perfection will lead and make us to try harder and push until we are actually beyond our limit.

so, u must try to be perfect and achieve the perfection in anything u do. but in the end, just remember nothing is perfect and u already try your best to do whatever u want to do. and never lose hope in God. at least u tried to be perfect rather than u refuse to do it because u know u cant do it. u'll never know until u try.

what u give, u get back.

just random taught in the early morning.. its 2.35 a.m..


my birthday

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today is my birthday.. and its my 22nd birthday. ya...ya... i'm old. but this birthday is the sweetest birthday. started with my mum sing a birthday's song for me. n my dad cooked for breakfast. and the first present i've got was from my mum of course.. oranges. she knows i like that fruit. hehe...

things cant go wrong when my favorite gf came and surprised me with the cake! hehe... its just amazing... i taught we will going out tonite, instead, she came to my house and surprised me. for tonite outing, we postponed it till sunday. just wait on sunday then...:D

this day continues with some activities which i've been asked to clean up the sink. n i did it with no complaint at all. then, watched tv until i slept. hahah... around 4 or 5 p.m. i woke up and my mum asked, do u want to go out? hahahah... hell yes!

then, we having our dinner at lot 1. before that, we had been hunting for my new shoes since the old 1 seems pathetic. hehe... but, i couldn't find one. no size for me.. as usual. huhu...

and... before i forget, there was 1 lady on the phone and asked for my cousin. i donno anything about my cousin and her car been transported from kl to kuching. that lady suddenly got mad and talk something not nice. what do u want me to do miss???(talk silently)

then, i asked her to stay and just wait for a sec. after i realize i don have my cousin's number, i'll come back for her and asked for her number, and will ask my cousin to call her back. she gave her number and then, hung up. i dont even have a chance to say thank u. emm... plus, i also dont know her name.. huh!

although u r in the bad mood. dont let other people know or even hurt others. (something i learned before). but i will not make this random phone call ruin my sweetest day.

however, something bad did happen. in order to book my sister's tix, i accidentally put the wrong date.. 23 feb instead of 23 jan. waaaa...... i have a feeling this will happen, but i ignore it... and then, it happen. just like that. stupid! i hate this cause it just sound stupid. i've checked the details before purchased it. why on earth i din notice the date. ish! silly me. now, i have to change the tix. penalty rm50....

i know my dad x puas ati.. but what to do... ujan dh turun. then, i feel guilty to my mum when.. i may talk with some 'tone' with my mum.. if u know what i mean. cause of that, the next tix, my mum do it. i refuse to do it.

***i know i cant do anything, but make me do something rite... let me change the tix. its my fault. but i donno how to say it.***

btw, its frustrating when ur close friend or what u say 'geng' doesn't remember this day. and the most disappointing, when u know they knew about it. this is the first time they din wish for my birthday. maybe they have problem. think positive, they're busy..

however, an exception had been given to this crazy, funny fren, fina.. cause i know she's busy and sucks on birthday.. hahahaha... hope can go out with her tomorrow.

i'll post the pics later k.

owh, its 25 dec already. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate Christmas! hohoho...


my favorite person

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huwaaa..... i miss this person the most. she is awesome! hahahah.. introducing.. my lil sister!!!
however, she's not here or at home.. and when the time i come home, she will not there anymore as usual she does. if only i can go and meet her there... it will be very perfect present for me.

but, dont worry... wherever u r, whatever u do, u will always be my greatest sister. and that's not because u r the only sister i have. hehe... hope 2 see u very soon.... congrats with ur result last sem. u r genius... heheh... btw, dont forget my 'ole2' ok!

c u c u... self service.


Gud bye Grandma...

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assalamualaikum... to everyone. last night, 2 am plus2, i received a bad news. i lost my lovely grandma. or mostly called as embah. she was admitted to normah hospital after my aunt discover that her heartbeat is too fast. i din know the whole story coz i'm not there..

after knowing she actually having a heart attack, the doctor try everything they can to stable the heart, but she is too far gone. they had been trying almost half an hour to bring her back, but failed. we (my family) have to let her go in peace.

for the first time, i din felt anything. most of them just flash back the recent memories with her. it was so sad coz the last time i'm with her was 5 days ago. so it still fresh and new.

i donno what to say anymore, just sedekah Al-Fatihah and prayers to her.

mom, dad, wawak, bibik, mamang, u did a good and great job for taking care of her. never tired and bored to find the way to get her better. however, maybe she is better off to leave us and rest until that day. just remember, although she is not here in this world anymore, but our prayers still can connect with her. we can use this to help her go through everything that she need to get through. insyaAllah..

wassalam... al-fatihah.

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