Something inside my tiny brain

Posted by Unknown on 9:52 PM

Hello there,

I just want to write something that is inside my brain. My ommpa lommpa might found this thing locked somewhere while doing some maintenance in the brain. They found it at the corner and a bit dusty on top.

That is my feeling which i locked in the pandora box. Feeling is the most scary things in the world yet the most beautiful things ever... I locked it because i dont want to get involve in any feeling's matter. Its tiring for my mental and emotion.

I am an enginner and my work is more to solve the problem. although the problem is not mine. I have to solve it so that i can move on. However, it depends on how the person with that problem take my advise.. Sometimes, I will feel frustrated and useless if i cant do anything to fix or solve the problem.. Although actually that person did not really need an advise. they just need a channel to potray their feeling and the channel is me..

I am okay to be someone's channel. but sometimes, I also need my own channel for me to potray my feeling.. and I dont have that now...

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