what to do? just let it go...

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hemmm... i'm bored.

last night, i cried. and its awful. i can't remember when it stop. last 2 night, i don wanna cry. but, tonite, i cried again. but, i hold it. headache u know, crying.

it happen with no reason. cop, hold on. maybe i donno what the reason is. how come u r crying, with the headache and all that, all for nothing? useless... s, i think, there must be sumthing, and i still trying to figure it out. entah la.. aneh2..

it is almost 3.30 am. and i still awake. and typing this post. and not writing my assignment.

i have a story, this is about my construction lecturer.
he is a !@#$%!!!! i donno how to pronounce it. don ask. but, he is a crap, total a-hole. want to know why?? here, i tell u why.

on his first class, i am hoping to learn sumthing interesting. construction. its my field!!! my course is all about. not all of course, but, it is the thing that people can see for civil engineering.

but, i do not get anything. zero, nothing. i even can't recognize he was my lecturer for the first time he came in the class. he din introduce himself. just stand in front of us, walk here and there, hand in the pocket, and his voice was very2 low... i've been sitting on the third row, and i hardly try to hear the word he saying. just sumthing like.. emm.. bla..bla...bla... all of sudden,
class dismiss. 20 minutes, the class finished. done, what a 'good' lecturer he is. but, for the first class, i din care much. maybe he was in hurry or have some problems.

then, the second class, he come in, took the attendance, and told us to form a group. then,
class done. 20 minutes sharp. what is this??? it is a class or not. i am really frustrated with him.

in the mean while, i heard rumors about this lecturer. it happen to our senior. quantity surveyor class. he only came twice for his classes until the end of the semester. the head of department can't do anything except ask them to drop the subject. they can't take the final exam because the lecturer din turn up for the class. pity them..

because of that, me fren and i, wrote a letter to complain about him. but, the department said, wait until the second week. we see what happen. we can't do anything. just wait for the next class..

then, for the third class, he din came to the class. wtf!! waste my time. i am very angry that day. really... very very... in the bad mood. then, i told my fren, i don want to go to the class until their change the lecturer.

for the forth day, i din come. i went for
sherlock holmes. at least i don have to see his face.

after that, on the third week, i went for the class. but late about 10 minutes. and guess what?? he was not there. we waited until 10.30.. and then he came with the innocence face. hate it. then, he stated to talk. then, i took a pen, and a paper, i wrote everything that he said. u can read itself. what did he said in the class.

there are some intro he made about form a group, i din write it.
'....... i will give u the topics that you have to choose. pick one or more. earthwork, piling machinary,

temporary works, bridges, high rise, tunneling or similar, oh yes, steel structure.

pick one or more, and from tomorrow, you will giving me list of questions. (student ask:

. yes! you gonna supply me and give the questions. the more the better. oh, the more

the better. bla...bla... i'll be sitting in my room tomorrow waiting for your topics and i'll see you

tomorrow in my room. the more the better. i'll see you tomorrow in my room. ok, thank you.'

and then he leave the class. without telling anything about the questions of whatever. i donno what gonna happen tomorrow.. this time, i was really really angry that day. only my fren knew how angry i am.

the next day, my fren bought me a good anda bad news, the good news was, the lecturer had been change to another lecturer. she was much better. really different with that guy. much2.. better. like it. but, the bad news was, we had to replace all the classes we missed. wtf that lecturer. makes my life miserable. because of he, we have to attend extra 6 hours. and our class had been replaced to thursday night until the rest of the semester. thank you so much!!! F u!! damn...

however, i am happy because there is no more innocence face, don care, makes me sick all the time when thinking about construction. my frens and i were thinking, why he still became a lecturer here?. some told that, he maybe got sumthing mental. but, i donno the truth. someone said he got sickness or health problem.

soooo..... why did he still become a lecturer on our department?????. as my fren said, 'our batch had been cursed...' it happen every sem u know... there must be sumthing wrong with our lecturer.... poor my batch.

emm.. fyi, the damn lecturer have title u know, assoc. prof, Dr. la.. but, what kind of doc he is...

huh! because of he, i don have any class on tuesday. but, what to do? on tuesday? nothing... my fren got class. i am still alone in the room....

emm... i am hungry, lookin 4 fo0d..

bye, see ya!


people make mistakes

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all i want to say is,

people make mistakes, no matter the mistakes are small, big, huge, serious, or some sort of something else.. they, i mean, we will make a mistake.

and there is nothing wrong to make a mistake, because we learn from it. the best learning teacher is our own mistake.

just do as many mistake we can do, but make sure to find the solution and think it was our responsible to fix it back. do not run from the mistake because it can't solve the mess we had created.

this all mistakes we did, will accidentally teach us the value of life. so, mistakes are actually helping us to grow up. however, we can't rely on doing mistake to control our life, right? doing mistakes is just an option and learning from it is to make sure we will not do it again.

but, the worst person is, they didn't learn anything from their mistakes and think that they will not do any mistake in their life. they are totally wrong.. don be this person. u will regret it in the future. because they will also make mistakes.

not to offend anyone, it is only something in my brain. like to think i guess.

and i do make mistakes. a lot.. hope i won't mess up.


how i met my friend.

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what a day... that new year, i spent it with my friend. just two of us. watching fireworks, talking and sharing things. i miss this kind of conversation with my older friend.

my new year not that bad, not as good as i want it to. emm.. a little bit of loneliness, plus boring and sometimes working out.

its been a long time i din post anything since the new year. haha.. wak, this post is for u.

i like to introduce my old, long lasting friend, a.k.a wak. hee.. . i met her since form 1 at secondary school. we sat for arabic class together. and it was our first date.

since then, we din see each other pretty much except the arabic class. we are not so closed until form 4. where, we were in the same class. 4D. we became classmates and friends since then. she likes to beat me in every test or exam, don know why.. she's a fighter maybe... but i'm genius... hahah, sometimes, she beats me pretty bad, sometimes i don let it happen. i can't forget the line she gave me that day,
'ktk x blaja pun xpa, result salu gempak'. hahah.. why can i do babe.. i am genius.. wahahahha...

amazing thing, she was really kind to lend her hand for me to sleep in the class. until her hand numb. hee... sorry.. and thanks, i din thanks you that time, didn't i?

we became more closer in form 5. but, we don want anyone to know. because, the drama might be happened. haha.. u know, high school.. she has a group, just like others, and so do i. the drama is not between us, but it will be between our little groupie... hee... can't stop laughing when think about this again...:))

therefore, we were friend until one point, people start talking about us. but, we don care because we din do anything wrong here mister.. my friend started to act weird.. avoiding me, escape classes, din talk to me, but, what am i suppose to do that time?.. juz let it be. and let it go.. this drama should ends after the school. emmm....

there was one day, we went out together. this is one of my best memories. we walked from parkson, through waterfront and end at wisma satok. we donno what to do, where to go, so we walked.. hahah.. and now, i'm thinking.. what are we doing that day? haha.. nothing i guess. i can't hardly remember.. long term memory i guess...

before the spm, we had a camp called perkampungan spm. i just love this camp. not really a camp actually. but i love it... there were some sweet memories and i can't erased it.. so hard to let it go..

emm... high school... i love it. think so... after leaving the high school, we went to matric. i decided to go to pahang, but since she refuse, i change it to labuan. so, we got the same matric, KML. and here, sumthing change. hard to explain, but, we still together. just not as closed as always. she had a life, and same as me. i din really know about her in matric, i only know she was biology student, her room was in block C, 2.17 i think. sory if i am wrong.. huuu.. i am bad.. i promise, i wouldn't do it again.

and now, i am at UPM, she's in UniMaS. i still contact her, and so does she. i rarely meet her. holiday time is the only time i can see her. i love when she bought me ate that night. not even my friend ask me out at night. except i'm driving. huhu.. there are some issues going on last year. well, no pain no gain.. hhaha..

so, this is a long post i guess... emm... fyi, we still friend. and always do. no matter what people said. we are still friend. a best girlfriend. a hot couple...konon... hahah.. although i din know much about her now, i am glad that we had met and then become a friend. i hope i can get to know her better than i am now. luv her so much. and i miss her a lot.

off to traning.... bye..:)



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hi, and good evening. i have nothing to talk about. but, i really do want to talk about something.

emm.. now is 2010.. woo.. my age is already 21... i can't believe it. but, its the truth. this new sem, i donno yet.. how it gonna be, how do i settle it down, i don have any feelings about this new sem.

what i really have is a feeling to let it out. i'm feeling lonely here, you now. without a roomate or anyone how am i gonna let it out? why my 'toycar' start to falling down recently? huh..

my realationship between others become more sucks each days.. i hate it. what am i gonna do with that.. drama become more fun, but i don't want to be part of it anymore. maybe not as the main character. you know what i mean.

i've been in many 'dramas' since high school. i always be the main character. hahah... as indirectly and accidently. same as in matric, and here. i'm tired of all lame drama, if u wanna drama, please make it like a drama.. a big drama, not a lame one.

lately, i'm closed with someone. i like her. as a friend of course. but, i don want to spoil it, i'll make it just like this, not to closed, just nice. i love talking with her. she is a good person. and i know she is.

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