damn u pakcik rabit

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i have a lot of things going on last week. and i hope i can write it here soon.. today, i cant bcoz, i'm stress with one guy that suddenly shoot me abt my work.



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i wish i can cry right now, i've tried, but i cant. and its totally hurt. i'm vulnerable rite now. and exhausted.


false hope

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i dont understand u anymore, if u have something in mind, please talk to me coz i cant stand guessing what is in your head. i know that i really dont have any problem with u, but i do care about u. so, just talk to me. i know u love talking, i know u love people listen to u, i know u have stories to tell.

but, if u choose to not talk to me, its ok. i can take it. but, i dont know how long. i just want u to know that there are other people also care abt u.

however.. the problem is not u, its me. so, no offense with all crappy things i've wrote above. i do have headache while blogging this post.



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i miss u so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate this feeling.



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she apologize to me about last day. suddenly i feel that i am really bad person... idk, is juast random feeling..

tonite, i stayed at the office until 9.30 pm.. want to finish up the shop drawing.. but, the computer buat hal laaa...i have to submit the drawing by tomorrow and i hope i can finish it b4 5pm.

that 'pakcik' really happy today, and idk why and what happen to him.but, he does make me smile while i'm stressing my head. :))


things wont happen by itself

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i am still in excited state right now and i donno why. hahahah... maybe because of the today's date. its 11.11.11 hehe... i realize this after signing the circular form. but, after i saw what i've wrote, its look like u.u.u hahhaah... today was awesome and while i'm writing this post, the time now is also 11:11: the sec i dont know. hehe..

today, my supervisor is not around. and i'm doing the shop drawing. hundred of beams and slabs and columns and most important thing is the revision. how many times the drawing has been revised by the consultant. just imagine the piling part, the revision was until ZZ already.  everything they want to change... however, my supervisor said, this is normal when u do the shop drawing. so, u need to be alert on the drawing u refer.. i'm doom.

hah. news for this month. for the last two months, i did not receive the outstation allowance from them. i'll keep asking on myself, why dont i get it? bcoz, the boss told me that i have that thing. yesterday, i had a little chat with my colleague. i'm asking about the allowance since she also entitled with it. then, she told me that it should be in the pay slip. but, nope, my pay slip din show it. she asked me to ask the human resource. so, today.. i asked them.

then guess what??? they forgot to pay my outstation allowance for two months! hahah. plus, they asked me, how long have u been working here? omg.. hahahah... funny.

after few minutes, hr at kuching called me and said that they are very sorry about that and at the end of this month, i will receive 3 months of outstation allowance. hahahahahah... alhamdullilah..:))

i think this is why i am in excited mode. hehe...  owh, i'll be back at kuching at the end of this month to attend my long lasting friend's wedding. awwww... she's married........!!! almost. hehe.. congrats my dear friend.

gtg.. bye!



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i just arrived at kk tonight..  and i think i'm homesick.. what should i do now..........

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