Emptiness is overrated..

Posted by mierah on 8:56 AM

Hi there... Yup, its me again...

Lately i dont feel like myself. There are something in my chest that i want to let it out... But, it still stay there n wondering around. I couldnt let it out coz i dont really know what it is.. I think there is a hole in my heart which need to be heal.

Not that my heart was broken or hurt... Its just feel empty n i have to fill it with something. Feeling lost is the worse feeling ever.. U donno what u want, what u need, what u think, and worst, u donno what u r... Everything seems wrong and not right.

I hope i can heal myself and be as i want me to b. I hope this is only a phase in life that i have to go through.. I really hope so....



Posted by mierah on 10:49 AM

I dont know what happened to me just now. Suddenly all the hormones ans emotion thingy covered all around me. This is suck. And i need to go out of here!!

Why.... Why should i be so attached to someone right now... And later that person will leave. I cant fall apart.. Not now.. My company needs me.. So, wipe ur tears n just do what u have to do.

This is life. So suck it up and move on!


Hanging out~

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Today was fun... Yet tiring. Hehe.. It started yesterday.. Went for midnite movie... After pick up my brother we went straight to gsc cinema. Watching oblivion.. Haaa... 2 hours movie.. Having so much fun....! We become so crazy after not seeing each other for a very long time...

The next day, we r having some little party at my house. With very delicious homemade food. Bbq.. Mushroom soup, n many more.

Around 6pm, went to pasar minggu. N bought some new gold fish. Heheh...

Next, we went for bowling at crystal bowl. And my brother come up as the winner.

As the night still early, we played pool. And we took so long just to finish one game.. Hahhaha.. First time for my sister.. And in this game,  i suck ... Huh.

Then, suddenly my cousin said she wants to play ball. So we went to civic center and play some toss the ball. Hihihi..

After tired playing ball, we want to go back home... Instead.. We stop by at bing and having some relax time together with brownies.. Uhhh....that brownies was so good.....

Later, we went straight home. Because tomorrow we will have a family day at camp permai. So, we need all the energy. Hahhaa.. However, on the way home.. We play some game in the car...which is continous word.. Hahhaha.. Its fun, bcoz we were in the car..... Hahaha..

And today's fun ends at midnite.. My day was full and i am really enjoy hanging out with them.



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Hi... Its Friday, and nothing special coz tommorow is also a full working day for me.

I have some thought about debt. I bet almost each of us have it. The car, house, bank loan, credit card,ptptn... Duhh..

As we know, we already have a lot of debt.. But yet.. We intend to piling up the amount rather than lowering it. By loan with people... Worst is with along la..

As my father would say.. Before u borrow money from others, think on how u gonna pay it back. After u know, then u can ask for it.

I cannot understand when people simply dont want to pay the debt. For car, house, bank loan, credt card, by hook or by crook, u must pay it bcoz its bank.. If not, u'll know where r u end up later. As for ptptn, its ur responsibilities to pay it back.. U already get and use the money.. Hello... Its time to pay bro...

The worst thing is when u take advantage to people who trusted u. They gave their money and lend it to u.. On what clause, u can simply ignore the debt? Its their money and they work their ass for it. If u did not pay it here, u'll pay it there later..

For those who r lending money.. Screen the person, in and out... If u really think they wont pay it back, think twice b4 u give it. Its ur money anyway.

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