Pray for u.

Posted by mierah on 6:57 PM

Sedeh juak la... X dpdh.. P xpa... Kmk bukn sepa2... I'll train my heart and mind to stay focus and be better.. I want to be better and then the best i can be.


High pitch!

Posted by mierah on 6:00 PM

Pagi tek... Ak ng xtauk la phl ak mok melawan... Tp, point ak simple jak. Xplu mok pdh bnda nok negative jak... Mun mok pdh pun, tuka la jd positif.. Sak x sakit ati nengar..

Ak melawan alu ak rsa ak derhaka. Ak la jaik.. Suma x betol. Xpt ka klaka bnda nok bgus2 jak. Memg la as reminder, tp mun dh bekali kali... Angol jd.

Ko pdh perange ak x berubah gk.. Perange ney gk mok ak ubah?? If ak ubah suma ekot pa ko mok, bgus ku jd robot jak nk. Nothing else left as myself.

Ak stress dolok time stadi x sampe darah ak nait. X lmk ak ctok, pande nait darah... Adeiii... Tp, tok slh ak dikpun juak kali. Xtauk la.

Btw, post tok based on perasaan ak jak. Mun sapa2 baca ada terasa, xda kaitan ngn ktorg sbnrnya.

Dh la. Xda point mok ngerepak kedak org tua pnjg2 ctok..


Something in my tiny brain

Posted by mierah on 9:13 AM

Haiizzz... What happen to our people nowadays... They only can see and comment what they read in the screen without thinking what is the main point of the writer.

It is some sort of disappointment for me when people is easily judge other people juz bcoz of what he/she did or wrote. We really dont know what is their intention when doing it.

Have u watch die hard 3 when all the games are only a distraction so that they can rob a bank without any authority survellience. All the good guy already focus on the bad guy's games.

This is what happen when we easily judge other people. They may have another big intention and with u acting like what they want, they know, they are winning..

So, dont judge without nothing. U r allowed to judge when u think u r perfect. If not, u can juz sit back and enjoy what people say..


Flying with the wind..

Posted by mierah on 12:19 AM

Haaa.. I donno what happen to myself lately. Btw, there is one guy at my office, let called him 'tupei' coz it suit him. Wahahhaha.. (evil laugh)

This tupei basicly make my life sooooo misrable and tense. I cant do my own work coz i have to do all his demands about drawing at site. Not once, not twice or not thrice ( thrice??? Wujud ka.. Hahha..) but many times I have to amend the drawing just for him to look at. Damn!! I feel stupid. Screw u tupei.

I hate it when everytime i saw u opened that door and look straight at me.. I wish i can be invisible. Coz i know, when u entered our office, u need my help to draw samthing for u. Arghh.. Its sucks!

All the thing u want me to do can be done by urself. U're the bosssssss!!! u have to do ur own decision! Not me, fool! U are the reason i hate to go to work. And bcoz of my people, i brace myself to go.

One more thing, can u speak louder please....???? I bet my watch's ticks is louder than ur voice. N makes me feel guilty when i rise up my voice to u. Huh.

I really hope i can stay here until the end coz i want to show that i can do it. And its been a long time i din prove something to myself.

Enough about tupei, his story will not stop until this peoject ends. So, i have to go now. Need sleep and rest. See ya.

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