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KIA or Kuching International Airport, i was there yesterday.. trapped almost 2 hours bcoz my flight was delayed.. wtf. soo... boo ring.. u know. but, at least i can online for half an hour. not that bored.

however, here, i will make the story more interesting, i met someone while waiting my plane arrived. he has something to do with football and piala malaysia 2009. he is friendly.

we had a little chat about football, duhh.. i am so not into it. after few minutes, his plane arrived, but we were not in the same plane, so.. thank God!. haha.. i kinda headache hearing about football and his journey around malaysia. it sounds cool but, i am not in the rite mo0d.... then, at the end of the conversation, he asked for my number, n i gave him. i thought it was not a crime, giving number..

but actually, i was wrong......... givin number to stranger is a crime. ish.. he keep on texting, calling, asking me and its a little bit annoying. yahh.. annoying when it was in the middle of midnite plus i am tired and not feeling so well. i had a fever and flu in the next morning. huhu..
but, he is not that bad. my fault. just accept it.

fyi, i knew another guy in hp. the day before this. it happen when i sent a text to a wrong number. until now, i din know his name. i assume the person is he based on . hehe... he is funny, and unpredictable. haha... but, wait n see.. its to early to conclude sumthing..

back in the plane, i din remembered anything, i think i slept all over the journey.. hoho.. wake up when the plane touchdown. on the other hand, i wan to salute the pilot of this plane bcoz he landed the plane smoothly.. i din feel any turbulance while landing. as usual. i bet he must be a pro.

later, my cousin pick me up. thanks to her... she willing to pick me in the middle of he nite and she needs to wake up early in the next morning. thank you so much!

den, at home, my fon keep yelling.. huk3.. i din care much, bcoz too tired and sleepy. i slept and had a nice dream... ngeh3...

i think i better stop now, the post is quite long i guess. hee.... btw, gud nite!

p/s: nobody's wrong or rite here....



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post kali ni, ak nk tulis bhs melayu la.. rindu lak nak mengarang karangan. dlu punya expert wat karangan o esei.. memang hebat la. kalah org len lam kelas ak dlu. ngeh3...

cikgu soh wat esei dlam masa 2 jam, ak wat 1.30 je. dpt mrkh tinggi lak 2. haa... kn hebat.. kih3.. pe la ak ni, puji dri sndri plak. x bek tau. jgn tiru aksi ini. hurmm...

dah2.. mencarut x tentu pasal. ari ni, ari tuesday. ak ad klas kol 8. tp, ak msok dwn kuliah kol 8.41.. huk3.. sume ni disebabkn flight ak delayed semalam. ss...!! geram ak. tp, xpe, lect. x marah.. lect ak yg ni baek. best2..

after klas, ad samting yg wat ak ouch. tp, ak x kesah sngt.. lntak die la.. wat skit ati je klau ingt blek. ak g on9 dlm 2 jam kot. x sure lak.. lepas gian ak nk 0n9 setelah seminggu xdpt.

after klas, ak blek n smbg tdo. den, g klas lg kol 2 sampai 3. abis awal ari ni. tbe2, membe ak ajak g on9 lg. ak pn on je la.. sampai kol 4.30 kot.. pastu blek.

(ngah dengar lagu tatoo-jordin sparks)

dlam kol dekat2 kol 6, ak g 'padang' gne beskal ak. tp, beskal ak kurang angin la plak.... berat gler beskal 2. skit kaki ak kayuh sampai kedai beskal sbb nk pam tayr. lepas je tayar beskal 2 ok, wah, best nye... ringan n laju je ak kayuh.... ske3..

ak bli roti gardenia, air oren twister, shampoo, chipster, n ape tah lg, x ingt. pastu ak blek. singgah cafe kjap, nk bli air milo ais. sedap.... lepas je ak park beskal ak, hujan pun turun dgn lebat nye... nasib ak baek ckit ari ni. x kne ujan. kne ckit2 2 adlh.

ak rse vocab melayu ak pun dh kurg la skrg. asek ulang word sme je.. tp, x kesah la. xde theserus bhsa melayu nk g cri word best2..

bju blok ak dh siap, ak harap sume ahli zon ak byar.. sbb ak gne duit ak dlu byar tuk diaorg sume. abis 220.. ak terpksa bli bju 2 lebih sbb diaorg x bg saiz. ak main agak2 je la.. harap cukup.

mlm ni ak kne siap kn 3 report yg hampir mustahil nk siapkn. eyh... ak ckp ap ni... yakin boleh....!! semngat nye..

(lagu paramore-that what you get)

so, untuk mlm ni, kte tunggu dn lihat je la... pe jd eyh. bye...

for abg: bye kt ats is contoh saying good bye but never leave...


come back!

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i am back...!!!!

missed blogging.. now i am at KIA. still.. my flight delayed 4 2 hours..

my lappy is out of bttry now. have 2 go.. its bleeping..!!!!!!!


b4 that, miss u wakkk..!!!!!!!!


last entri b4 going back.

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i'll be home tonite.... i am so excited...!!!!! yong..!! wait for me aaaaaaaa.............. i hve surprise for u tonite...!!!!!! wait 4 it....

b4 that, i wan to apologize zahir and batin for everyone that might knew me, especially my frens. u guys r soo cool last nite...!! haha.

selamat hari raya and maaf zahir batin..

listening to new classic by selena gomez and drew seeley



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hahaha.. i admit that these past few days, i am kinda emotional and always think sumthing that i shouldn't think about... hurmm... juz ignore it.. life is cycle. so...

tonite was amazing....!! not juz tonite, the whole day was amazing and marvelous. hoho.. this moment will be in the list. 'best moment ever list'. haha..

here, sum briefing about today activities.

woke up at 9 am. iron my bju kurung for presentaion...(gla smgt). get ready for class. then, at college. i cut the story at fac, its nothing. so, at college, i get changed and then took a bus to main campus. after took out some cash at ATM, i went to ol flat, juz to bind my traffc report. so thick la.. can't staple.

then, i walked from ol flat to ss. that time is around 1540. emm.. after 20 minutes walking, i reached at bicycle shop. firstly, my intention is only to survey the bike there.. but, after i had a little chatting and got satisfied in negotiating with the tauke, (i get discount about 20% ),

and finally, i bought that bike. ta da...! now, i have a bike. its orange black in color. sweet... the lock also orange. i am sooo excited to have it.. it was my 1st year dream.. u know... dream to have a bike. but the dream only come true after 2 years, hahah... i have it. omg..! i can't believe that i already had a bike. its kind of annoying to talk about this things rite, but, who cares...??? this is my place. so, juz suck it up or back off.

after i bought that bike, with happy face, i was cycled to college and then, continued my lab reports. and surprisely, i've done 2 of them. there is only 1 lab report and 1 highway assignment left.

in the mean time, while i was typing my reports, my fren asked me about berbuka puasa ramai2 at bangi. i said, i am ok with it. no plans yet. then, nothing happen... until.........1840.. almost.

at college's bus stop, we gathered. there are 6 cars are used to go to that place. hahaha... feel like road trip or sumthing... but, it was go0d feeling... 6 cars, 23 heads, 7 males, 16 females. hahaha.. its fun doe..! there are also some of our coursemates din join bcoz of personal reasons. no fence, becoz this plan is not compulsory or anything. it juz last minutes plan.

thanks to all, bcoz give full commitment and make this thing happen in the real life for the first time. so, after this, can we do this again? i think, can.. 'can we fix it..?? yes we can...'-bob the builder-engineer-future

after all done, eating, chatting, taking pics,.. we separate. sum are back to college, sum go to other place, sum donno.... but, we, went to UKM and the last pit stop was mcd at ss. we had some chatting about hot dramas, although it already cold.. hak3.. we make it hot again.. waaahhh... it was so much fun...!!!!!!! kikiki.. almost 2215, we were back to college. and all of us separate to our own room..

fuhh.. long story. thats all for today, come again next post. hehe.. cau!

p/s: this post is suppose to be published b4 the holiday... sorry 4 inconvenience...



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please........... don treat me like this.. i can't stand it anymore...

what do u want me to do? begging u to forgive me? did i do sumthing wrong??

if yes, juz tell me then, if not, why do u act like this?

yyy this is happening again????huhu

if i did sumthing wrong, i am sorry..

i want to be like the old times...

i hate this.



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(listening to my paper heart - all american reject)

today... i woke up with my nose full of blood...
aisehmen.... my nose bleed again....
n this time, its quite a lot compared the last time its bleed..
waaa.... hate when my nose bleed.. it will make my day sucks!

but, we'll see..... how sucks is it.



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yesterday, my condition in and out was soo soo fragile. this is all because of the design test dat morning. s...!!!!! i hate that paper. i made really stupid mistake. i thought i already know how to convert the units. but i don... i hate units..!!!!!!!!!! it was really frustrated. i am mad at myself yesterday.

plus, there is sumone that really annoying... i told her that i failed to convert the units for the test, and she replied, last nite we already discuss about all this thing, all of it, and the unforgettable dialoge 'sape suroh xnk stdy ng ktorg smlm..' sumthing like dis. omg...!!!!!!!! why on earth she 2 talk 2 me like dat? soo uncool and irritating. i am still upset about the test, but i saw many of them show me the happy faces. of course they can do it. 20 marks..!! who don wan it 4 free?? i hate myself.

and then i try 2 forget about the test, but i can't. she really wan 2 annoyed me, i thinks. why..??? wat have i did 2 u..?? why don u leave me alone.. btw, i juz ignore her.. biatched..

dat test really got me..! i can do the test, its easy... naa.. i told u.. easy.. but, because of failed in changing units, i can't answer the question. ooo.... SSSSSS....!!!!!!!!!

dat evening, after lab, there sumting happen, but i don give a shit about that. juz let it go... i din do anything except sleep. i woke up almost 1915. and i din buy any food for berbuka. i am soo freakin tired. but, i have biscuits, i only eat maggi and biscuits and bread of tuna with 3 bottles of nutrigen. ohhh.. i love nutrigen... lalalaa..~

that nite, nothing much happen, i have highway meeting and ajk hidangn meeting. after dat, i continued to do my abondone reports.. as time goes by, i managed to finish 2 reports out of 4. traffic report, i din started yet. plastic report, i try 2 finish it like 3 times, but couldn't.. there is sumthing wrong about the result and data.. wat to do? i slept at 5 am and woke up at 7.30.. i have class on 8 am. but i din go, because i am soooo sleepy and restless. i continued to sleep... until 930 am. i went to fac.. lab wwe at 10.

and now, typing blog.. today is not finish yet. and the fragile feeling is starting to reduce in me. so, i gtg now, need some sleep b4 class at 3 pm. c ya..

mish U...!=)


new morning..

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huhu.... here we go again.... class time...

i havent done single of my report... i have like 4 reports. but, who cares....??? hahah..

off to class, come back later..


as usual..

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i have nothing 2 story..

2 tired..



pinky frog.:)

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yesterday, or the day after yesterday... Thursday i guess...

i have a class at 8 am.. as usually, i woke up late.. 8 am or 7.55 like dat. i thought i don wanna go 2 class.. but, fina came 2 my room n we had a lil chat:

fina: ktk x mok g klas ka?
me: dh aher dh tok, bisin Dr. Ratna klak, plus, mek lom mndk gk..
fina: aie, ju lah g, kmk k keta kak tok, x mok ekot ka?
me: plu pg juak ka? ok2.. jap, mek siap.
fina: plu2.. kmk plu anta proposal tok, dh la mggu lps kmk x g klas.

fyi, our lecturer really had a problem with his student who came late to class. even 5 minutes. thats y, i don wanna go then. my head suddenly remembered what he said at last class, 'if u can't come 2 class by 8 am, better u don come...' this sentences really kills me...

so, we went 4 that class anywy.. eventhough 15 minute late.

this story din finished here....

yup, we get there, but din enter yet... some conversation b4 we enter:

me: ktk mo masok ka? kmk tkut aie.. jap mek msg org dlm.
fina: aie, dakne tok.. x kn mok blit agik. kta tunggu masa yg sesuai. pa nya pdh?
me: nya pdh, tdk lalang msok 8.05 pun nya dh tgok plek.. mok msok, try la..
fina: adoh... gney tok.. kmk plu msok, kmk dh x dtg last week, kmk leader gk, mok anta tok.
me: yalah, mek tauk, cam tok jak, ktk msok, lak kmk blit..
fina: aie, teman kmk.. x kmk msok sorg2..
me: ok2... ktk msok lok, lak mek ekot.
fina: tngga lok nya polh pa?
me: nya gk facing ctok, tunggu jap, ok2.. dh msok jak.. nya gk ngga whiteboard.
fina: ha? pa?
me: adoh.. lmbt ktk..
(back door open)
lect: yesssss..........??
(fina come in, n i don)
me: wah... he knows... so, fina in, i'll just wait here.
fina: ju la msok. (she open the door)
me: kmk x mok mbak kusi, share ngn ktk leh x?
fina: ktk mok share? ok2, msokla.
me: jap, mek tkut eyh..
(me came in with funny actions, my fren at back laugh at the 2 of us)

me: huh! i'm in..
fina n me: gla keja kta tok eyh..

we managed to come in at 8.26 am.. yaa... our lect spotted us... but, he din say anythng.. just keep teaching the horizontal and vertical curves..

fina n i just act normal although others sees us as tettorists... huhu...

the class finish at 9.50 am.. if not mistaken. after the class, i hve anther class, design.. 1 hour.. nothing happen, just sleepy eyes...-_-

after the class, we went 2 see highway lect. this is 4 our highway project. btw, we are not in the same group. huhu...

den, after done Q n A, we went back college..

at college, i have my own story, n fina has her own.

my fren asked me weather i want to go out or not. n i said, yes. so, i went out with one fren dat i not really undersnd but, quite comfortable when with her. not much happen, both of us have wonderful evning. i spent a lot dat day... secret recipe, pizza hut, giant, kfc, and keychain. i really like the pinky frog keychain. heheh...

we back at college at 9.10 pm, by taxi. omg, i din pay her.. i forgot... i'll pay her later.

this nite, i din do even single of my works. i fell a sleep and fly..........

i woke up the next day late, again.... huhu... wat will happen 2 me... i need a roomate..

so, finsh here, nothin 2 say.. gtg, toodles.


promise is promise..

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heee... today is tuesday where 1st day back 2 class for this week....

i am very happy today.. for no reason at all.. despite of my room behave like a 'pool', i am very happy with it.. no complaining, begging, talking nonsense, just smile and act normal. haha..

here is my story for today....

i woke up at 8 o'clock which my class also started at 8 am. haha.. my fren, fina came and knocked my door.. then, i managed 2 get there around 8.26 am.. and the class just started. so, i din missed so much. but, i left my notes, so i din copy anything. haha.. only focused on the lec's slides.. not really focus bcoz i can't, next 2 me is fina. so, i can't sit down and keep quiet... u know, gurls.. heee..

then, we went 2 ICT room, surfing of coz. but, the computer was soooo lagging la compared 2 my lappy. (maka com. bru... lag gla). hwver, this still can't make my mo0d go away.. we waited almost 2 hours to download sum info that we need.

then, at noon.. my coursemate like mcm org gla wat report.. but me, huk3.. siap lay down lg... baring2... n then, tertdo while chating with sumone.. huhu... my lappy in on top of me, n i can sleep. i din realize until my fren, esya, came into my room to take her cloth n ask, 'awk x g lab ke?' i m blurr 4 1 minute.. then, rushing to get ready.

after lab, esya and i walked togethr to college. then, as we chatting, she asked me, 'wak, kasut sy dh koyak la, blikn yg bru..? i looked at her shoes and said, ' klau awk dpt gne ksut sy ni, sy blikn ksut bru tuk awk..' there, i said it... it is some sort of promise rite.... huuhu...

then, at my room, she does tried my shoes. and amazingly, (surprise actually) her feet fit in. ooooooo............i taught there is no chance, not even tiny little chance for her to wear my shoes... bcoz my feet is small..... me is totally different from her, shes taller and bigger than me.. but, nothing else i can say.......huhu.. there, i made one promise.. n promise is promise....

anyway, it is time to berbuka, so, i need to go. so, cya!

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