25 dollar

Posted by mierah on 8:50 AM
I lost 25 dollar yesterday while trading. Hoho.. N i get scold from 'abg'. He said "iboh nk kenja glak trade dolok..." then i just replied 'hahahhaa...'
Thare are lot of things happen to me lately. And i forgot i have blog to story. However, all that is still in my tiny memory. Hope it has enough space for all of it. Hahhaa..
Btw, i love movie BRAVE. I love the characters inside and its funny too. I dont know how many times did i watched that movie. I love it so much.


Dream big, think far, do more..

Posted by mierah on 8:49 AM in ,

Hello... Long time no see.. I'vr been veryyyy busy lately with family and friends.. Life is just wonderful if u have all the thing u want and have someone to share it with.

Recently, i discover that i like many things in life. Not that i suddenly like it. Just realize that i do like it. Before this its just like a hobby which u can do it in free time.

But, i think hobby can be very interesting when u try to see it more than just a hobby. Which the hobby may can be ur biggest dream u can dreamed of.

However, parents may dont see the potential in their child in this dream thingy. They will see it just a hobby which can be gone after several months. For me, it will be gone if no one try to give the way for them to move forward.

I have a dream and this dream is the biggest dream i ever dream of.. And i would like to see it happen soon. I dont realize this is my dream after few days back which it really sip into my soul. I couldnt say what my dream is for now. We will see when i already almost achieved it, and say 'this is like a dream come true....'

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