Just another drama. eh!

Posted by amirah arbi on 12:16 AM

Hello there.. anyone. especially you, my honey bee.. 😚

Suddenly I feel that I need to blog this thing. Before I forgot all the details. ahahaha.. 😁

This post is about that demanding lady from KL. Remember her..? ahahha.. I bet you do. 😂😂 Okay. here we go.

Since that day, she lives in that house alone 👀. No one wants to accompany her because of what she did and other factor as well as security, traffic jam and that place itself looks spooky. 💁

So last month, my two friends.. are helping hand to find a different place, which is less spooky, feels a lot like home 🏠, and also near to their office 🏢. Since they are in the same section, and these two also need a place to stay or crash because both of their houses are too far from the office 😧.

Then, after tired of waiting 😥, just last week the new proposed apartment has been approved 😊. Here, the drama begins. ahahaha... 😂.

Lets go back to that demand lady. After she knew that apartment has been approved and she got the key, she already started her demand list 📝.

💥First, she wanted to ask driver to help her to move the washing machine from inside to outside of the house. 😩 (someone said to her we can move it by ourselves, its not that hard...)
💥Second, she did asked about microwave and pot or cooker from our admin. admin said no.. cant demand more. (there is a stove already been provided, just buy a simple pot to cook then.. 😧)
💥Third, she mentioned that there is no place to hang a cloth outside the house such as the place to do your laundry👗. (you are an engineer, think! i feel ashamed being an engineer bcoz of her.. 😬)
💥Fourth, she complaint about the tv... 📺 she said that the screen is smaller then her pc monitor..💻!!!! What?? what???? 😲 omg...!! I had enough! 😤

I cant stand with her demand's list anymore😷. I think if no one asked her to shut... the list will be longer and become more ridiculous! 😨. What the heck man.. why.. why you need to behave like this. I am emotionally tired💆.

STOP DEMANDING!!! 😫. That house is perfect already. very near to the office 🌇, there is no more spooky sound 👂, the security is okay🔐, the house is fully furnished since all the basic appliances are there.. 🏣 what else do you want..!😓 maigad! can you sit for a minute, take a deep breath and just be grateful for what has been provided. not to find what else is not in there and complaint. 😵... jeeeezz... 😬

Enough is enough. please be more matured and think how to survive, not to be survived.. 😶 Life is sometimes unfair but that is life. If life is fair, there is nothing to achieve and strive... 😏

Okay... That is a long post.. I cant write it any longer cause I might puke by myself on thinking of this drama 😷..

Good night b. Hope you enjoy reading my miserable drama.

your beloved 🍎..


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