big assignment

Posted by mierah on 12:57 AM
i hate arguing. no matter with who. because i will not win. i'm hardly win, win. i'll be the one who listen to the person i'm arguing at whether i am the one bringing the topic or not. is just not my style to argue with people. if i have something to say or issues, i'll do this. writing it out.

the one that i wrote is exactly what i want to say. however, if i said it, it wont be the same as what i wrote. i dont know why. and sometimes, things i've said is just ridiculous and unacceptable. i know it because i'll recall things i've said. then, i'll regret it if i'm messed up and relief when nothings wrong.

ahhh... i'm sucks at this. because last nite, i'm arguing with someone and the result, i lost then lose. totally unprepared. damn! we'll continue 'discussing' about that thing tomorrow.

one more thing... i couldn't sleep rite now just because of that thing. if i choose not to think, i'm the one that in trouble, and if i'm thinking about it, i might got major headache. no matter what, i am the one with the problem.

i wish i only have an assignment or report to finish and then submit it on the next day. at least the 'problem' can be solved immediately. but, how long can u want to be with assignments and reports? as long as u learning the subject, u also need to learn how to live. and now, i'm learning how to live and handle the big assignments in life.

gtg, its late. gud nite.


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