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This is the 1st blog i wrote for 2016. There are so many things happen. I am gonna post it in December post.

This is my yearly diary. Long story short for every month. Which I remember the important event that had happened.

January ➰
- For this month, there is nothing much happen since I was transfered from Sipitang on October 2015. I had a very tough month coz I am still adapting the environment. 🔖Feeling hard on company vehicle because always broke down. There was one time, I had to walk back from work bcoz I have no car. 😑

February ⏰
- This time, I drove my Akie to KK. ✈ I flew to Miri and waited for my parents to come from Kuching by driving my car. I continued drove from Miri to KK 🚗. As in KK, I brought my parents to sight seeing in KK. My mum loves beautiful scene and my dad just loves to travel.🗻

March 👀
- I cant really remember what had happened in this month. I think this was the month that I always took MC and been attacked by my long lost sickness, asthma🏨. I have to take a NAP (nebulizer) since I really cant breath properly at that time. And the most unfortunate event happened was my room had been attacked by mother nature since i did not closed my window.. 😔 all wet.. my bed. my cloths. my bags. 😥

April 🗻
- In this month... most of my weekend was with my friend. We went for hiking, badminton, sunrising, sunset and lepaking at mamak's stall until midnight. 🎭 I love to see the scenery when you are on the top of the hill. Its refreshing and keep your mind moving and thinking. Plus, I met new friend while joining the hiking team. 🌄

May 👣
- On May, I had my interview in my current place now. It was not a proper plan for looking a new place for work, just a random pick to ease my mom's request on me to work at kuchg. 💪 It was a one day trip and i have no intention to get any of the offer. I just went back to KK and work as normal. 💻

June ☕
- This month was a Fasting month. So, most of the day is about celebrating raya. While in KK, I've met my new housemate which is out of sudden become my very close yet very far friend of mine.😙 However, when i was in Kuchg, I did some layer cake, prepare for raya's dishes, house chores and etc.👩 my life then, was not so complicated as now.

July 💲
- I resigned from BinaPuri Sdn Bhd. We had a farewell party at our own office. The BBQ farewell. I made the chicken mushroom soup and my boss liked it. hehe... 🍜 It was simple yet memorable farewell ever. I missed working with them and I missed my work as civil eng in survey dept. 👼 As I recall back the sweat and blood for me to climb up the stairs was not easy. I really gained my knowledge and experiences through the tough road...🔨

August 🔮
- This was the month where I stepped in the new working place and environment. Its in kuchg and when I was there, at the HQ for reporting duty, there are also bunch of old people coming too, for reporting duty. In my brain, wow.. there are a lot of newcomers.. 👞 This month was very challenging since I hve to fight with myself everyday about the decision of moving to the new place. 💆 Its tiring. 2 weeks I was in HQ, kuchg. another 2 weeks move to Tondong Inn. I have to stay there since the staff house was located just few steps beside the temporary site office. 😂

September 👒
- Here, I flew back to KK to drive back my Akie to Kuching. 😌 Before that, me and my sister went sight seeing at KK town and I brought her to Kokol for her birthday! 🎊. We stayed at the hotel and had nice breakfast together.😋 The next day, my parents came from tawau. Only that, I drove until Miri and then had a direct flight to Kuching. ✈ My parents continued the journey from Miri to Kuching on the next day. 🚗

October 🚩
- For this month, most of the time I spend it with my virtual run. 👟 I have a few vr in october and I did accomplished it all. 🎯 I have a very high motivation in this month. and i lose some weight.😬

November ♻
- I had a very memorable short breakaway for this month. It was in KK which I spend most of the time with my besties. 👭👫 I did put the summary in my ig (amirah.rb) It was the best yet tired trip ever. I missed them so much. 😌 They moulded me to be a better person and I kinda thankful for that. 💝

December 💞
- For this month, I had a very special birthday ever. I got a surprise birthday party at my office.👓 of course lead by my crazy friends here. Then, I had a bowling party with my family and for the first time i almost beat my brother's score. 🎳 I had a christmas vacation just after my birthday. We celebrate at Borneo Highland. 🏰Spending time at that place was breath taking moment. ⏳ I wish to go there again, but its not me that driving up the hill.  ahahah.. Not to forget... surprise present! 📦 I got a few of birthday presents from my friends.. 🎁 Thank you guys. you are the best!! 😍

I think that was the sum up of my 2016... Which... I can say very challenging and yet the most fun year ever. 🔱 Many ups and downs that I have to face. I hope I can be better for the next year 2017. 😘


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