Posted by Unknown on 3:55 PM

I am so impressed with your drawing. eh. wait. that is my drawing, you bastard!!!

How could you used my drawing. You did not even mentioned to me first. You are not just using it, you even changed it as if that drawing is yours. You changed it, put it in the nice title block and proposed it to my contractor.

Thats my drawing! thats mine. you should informed me at least. I am the one that designed it. that is my office. you are just the supplier. how could you do this to me. I share it to you for your reference. Either to check the dimension or only for internal use. Not as officially used. I could sue you by using my drawing before asking permission.

I am freakin mad after I knew this happen. I cant even talk to you let along to see your face in front of me. In the mean time, I am freakin mad at my boss too. He and she doesnt say anything about them using my drawing to do officially submission of their proposal... There is no one backup for me.

I hate them all. I feel like betrayed by my own team. Very disappointed. Mun di ekotkn hati.. xmok aku mok berik softcopy drawing pake kau. disebabkn boss ak suruh berik. ak berik jak la.. siap kenak perli 'everything you do within office hours is belong to the company' my heart hurts.. Its like been sliced and stabbed by the knife for few times.

I have made my mind.. I dont want to be involved in that thing anymore. I am frustrated. Hope you guys can take charge of that office.. Say that i am over react. i dont care. because.. that is a very unethical things to do. you should feel ashamed of yourself..


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