fyp scariest part

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i can why am i blogging? bcoz there are no one here or elsewhere can know me.i can write anything i want and anything i like or anything i feel.

living alone, is hard but it kinda awesome. its hard bcoz u only have ur lappy and phone. without them, i donno how my life gonna be. can't survive obviously. emm... now i really respect the old people, living without these gadgets.

i already submitted my chapter 1 -3 for fyp. and guess what, the scariest part come. i received a lot of comments and things that i've shouldn't do in the thesis. omg... its a lot, like u have to redo everything. i just speechless in the first place. but then, i try calm down and its not the end of the world.

after analyzing each comment one by one, i know where my mistakes are and now i have to work it out. i think after reading the comments, i become more focus on what am i doing for the fyp. although i still donno how to analys sumthing.

and, thanks to my sv of course. i can imagine if my sv is other lec, and i submit the thesis i that... wahhh... he/she wouldn't read and just send it back and say to redo..

i have class and i need to get ready now.


happy to know ko tahu dah apa nak buat. aku masih di awang-awangan.


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