Insecure but confident

Posted by mierah on 1:43 AM

Haaaa... I just got back from outing with my frens... And its 1:30am... Hahahhaha... I feel a little bit insecure coz my parents is here at home. However, its been a while i din hangin out at nite.. All for me is work and work..

Sometimes, going for karaoke or bowling, mid nite muvie did give me some space to breath... Its not that i dont like staying here, juz i dont want my parents to be worried and i hope they can trust me even wherever am i will be later on.

I hope my parents din blame my frens for taking me out at nite and i hope my frens will not afraid to ask me out at nite again..

I am in big dilemma... Hurmm... I like here but its best when i have my freedom too... I'm sorry if i ever did trouble u with my prob. I appreciate it.. Thank you.

Btw, i have to go now, to sleep..  since tomorrow i have to go to work. Haaa... Gud nite folks.

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